10 Things That Fill Introverts with Joy

An introvert in a field of flowers

As introverts, socializing can be enjoyable for us, yet it’s often in our moments alone that we find our greatest happiness.

When you’re an introvert, it can be easy to feel like something about you is just… wrong. For example, there are certain things our extroverted society tells us should be fun — large social gatherings, surprise parties, nights out, loud concerts. But what if those things fill you with dread instead of joy, and leave you miserable, burned out, and feeling hungover for days?

As introverts, being around other people can quickly deplete our energy. While many of us can live the extrovert lifestyle temporarily — and maybe even enjoy it — we’ll eventually need to balance it out with plenty of time to recharge in the sweetness of solitude. 

Because of our nature, the things that truly fill introverts with happiness and joy are the things that fill us up, not the things that deplete us. Here are some of those things. 

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10 Things That Fill Introverts with Joy

1. Pets at parties

Is there anything better than seeing a pet enter the room while you’re at a social event? Small talk can be taxing for us introverts, even when we’re around people we know well. It’s normal for us to gravitate toward furry companions who don’t expect conversation. After all, animals are an introvert’s best friend.

As a bonus, the tactile experience of petting an animal can provide relief if you’re feeling overstimulated (which you may be if you’re also a highly sensitive person). 

2. Coming home to your own pet, the perfect roommate for an introvert

The only thing better than seeing a pet at someone’s house is coming home to one. Introverts and pets are perfect for each other — they provide a kind of companionship that introverts crave. They’re perfectly content to sit side-by-side without the expectation of conversation. Your pet doesn’t ask you why you’re so quiet or worry that you don’t like them just because you don’t want to talk. Pets accept you exactly as you are. 

3. Drinking a hot beverage on a quiet morning, alone

The world can be a noisy place. Who wants to jump right into the action first thing in the morning? Many introverts prefer a slow, quiet start to the day before heading out into the world. 

In those early moments when you’re still in your own company, there’s nothing quite like that first hot beverage of the morning. However you prefer to begin the day — staying in your pajamas as long as possible or getting dressed and enjoying some fresh air — the first sip of a warm drink is a truly sacred moment. 

4. That one friend who you can share your inner world with

Introverts have rich inner lives full of deep, meaningful (and sometimes silly) thoughts. Our inner world is typically somewhere we visit alone so that it’s just us and our thoughts. It’s one of the ways we recharge after spending time around other people. 

While most people will be more interested in who you are on the outside, finding that one person who wants to share your inner world feels like finally being seen. They just “get” you. This is the person who you can spend time with while still recharging your energy; you don’t leave their company feeling totally drained. This person is a rare find, but once you find them, they’re someone you hang onto. 

5. Unexpectedly getting the night to yourself (because the plans that you didn’t want to do were canceled)

Have you ever agreed to go out while you’re feeling energized and sociable, only to regret it when the time actually comes? Even if it’s something that seems like a lot of fun, it can be tough to enjoy yourself when you’re just not feeling it and would rather stay in, enjoy some solitude, and read a book. 

When you get that call or text that the plans are off, that sweet relief flows through you. The night is yours. In those moments, changing into your pajamas and curling up on the couch feels even better than usual, because it’s “me time” you’ve been given back to yourself. 

Do you ever struggle to know what to say?

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6. Silencing your phone for some much-needed peace and quiet

Sometimes, even texting can be taxing. That’s especially true if you’re someone who struggles with distractions when you’re trying to focus. If you’re in a group chat, or have an especially chatty friend, family member, or coworker, that incessant buzzing or ringing can get exhausting while you’re trying to recharge. 

Even if you have your phone on silent, seeing it light up with a text message or an email can be enough to get your attention. Every now and then, turning off the phone and completely unplugging from the world can help introverts get the peace and quiet they need. 

7. Going out alone 

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? Some places give you that feeling of being alone, even when you’re surrounded by people, and that can be just as rejuvenating as hiding away in your house. 

So head out by yourself to wander shops or have lunch without needing to coordinate or check in with someone else. Going to the movies or the theater alone offers a special kind of bliss; as the lights go down, you can settle into the story on the screen or stage in front of you. 

8. Traveling alone

Some people may find traveling alone intimidating, but it can also be liberating for an adventurous introvert. Just like with a solo outing, traveling alone puts you completely in the driver’s seat (even if you’re not driving to your destination). You don’t need to coordinate plans or bother with making conversation along the way. Instead, you get to enjoy your own thoughts and your own company in a new environment. 

9. Getting lost in a good book, movie, or TV show

Introverts tend to have active imaginations; they like to daydream and it’s part of that rich inner world they possess. This makes them the perfect audience for a good story. 

Finding a book to get lost in, or a movie or TV show to binge solo, offers an outlet for your imagination. Fictional characters may even provide a feeling of companionship if they’re developed well enough. With the right story, introverts can get lost in it for hours and emerge feeling refreshed. 

10. Ordering food, clothing, and anything else online so there’s no human interaction

Ordering food in is great, but doing so without having to talk to anyone is even better. Food delivery apps make it easy for introverts to have food delivered to their door without ever having to interact with another person. This is perfect for those weekends when you have big plans to go nowhere, see no one, and just stay in

But it’s not just food. You can also have household essentials, clothes, and even groceries delivered simply by ordering online. Of course, you don’t want to stay in all the time, but for those days you’re feeling a strong introvert hangover after lots of people-ing you did, delivery can be a godsend. 

Joy Is Personal — Find It Your Way

The places you find joy in your life may differ from popular opinion, and that’s okay. As introverts, we can enjoy socializing, but it tends to be the moments to ourselves where we find the most joy in life. Joy is a personal experience, and wherever you find it — or don’t find it — is just fine. In the end, embracing what fills you up, instead of rejecting it, is key to living a joyful life as an introvert in an extroverted world.

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