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Our mission:To let introverts everywhere know it’s okay to be who they are. You’re not broken because you’re quiet. There’s nothing wrong with you because you like spending time alone.

We’re Introvert, Dear, the largest online community and publication for introverts in the world.

 About Jenn Granneman

Jenn Granneman is the founder of IntrovertDear.com and the author of The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World. She also cohosts The Introvert, Dear Podcast and blogs for Psychology Today. For most of her life, Jenn felt weird, different, and out of place because of her quiet ways. She writes about introversion because she wants society to better understand us “quiet ones” — and she doesn’t want other introverts to feel the way she did.

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Meet the Introvert, Dear Team

Jenn started Introvert, Dear in 2013 as her personal blog because she wanted to write about what it was like being an introvert living in an extrovert’s world. She had no idea it would become what it is today — the largest platform and community for introverts on the web, reaching introverts across the globe.

Today, she’s not the only one who works on Introvert, Dear. Along with hundreds of contributors and a team of amazing volunteers, she work closely with Matt Parrish (left) and Andre Sólo (right).

Matt has been a long-time friend of Jenn’s who helped her get Introvert, Dear off and running. Today, he runs Introvert, Dear’s social media — so when you see something in your feed that makes you laugh or smile, thank Matt!

Andre is not only a business partner but also Jenn’s life partner. He helps Jenn keep the site running and growing, as well as helps write and edit.

From all of us at Introvert, Dear, we’re honored to (quietly) walk beside you on your introvert’s journey.

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To contact Jenn with a question, media request, or partnership opportunity, email her at [email protected]. Please be aware that she gets many messages each day, so although she reads each one, she may not be able to personally respond.

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What’s Up with the Name ‘Introvert, Dear’?

When Jenn named her blog Introvert, Dear, she imagined a wise, older woman inviting a troubled young introvert to sit down on her fancy chaise lounge. The older woman began dispensing her worldly advice by saying, “Now, introvert, dear…”

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