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Hi there, introverted and sensitive friend!

*waves shyly*

I’m Jenn Granneman, the founder of this community. I’m also the author of two books: The Secret Lives of Introverts, a manifesto for all the “quiet ones” and Sensitive, an Amazon Best Book of the Year.

I dedicated my life to writing about these topics after I realized how difficult it was to navigate a world that favors extroversion and insensitivity. When I started, I was living with an extroverted roommate, dating an extroverted man, and working an extroverted job as a teacher.

Due to misconceptions about introversion and sensitivity, I often felt misunderstood and undervalued. I wrote my blog anonymously for almost two years because, as an introvert, I had no desire to be in the spotlight!

My Mission

To empower introverts and highly sensitive people to embrace their strengths — and to start seeing their nature as a good thing.

As Seen In

An educator and a journalist, I have been featured in the NY Times, the BBC, the Washington PostBuzzfeedGlamour magazine, The Oprah Magazine, and Bored Panda, and on numerous podcasts.

I also blog for Psychology Today, and my work has also appeared on Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution, Forbes, HuffPost, UpworthyThe MightyThe MuseMotherly, and a number of other outlets. Previously, I hosted The Introvert, Dear Podcast.

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Why Is the Blog Called Introvert, Dear?

When I chose the name Introvert, Dear, I imagined a wise, older woman inviting a troubled young introvert to lie down on a fancy chaise lounge in the kind of therapy session you might see in a movie. The older woman began her worldly advice by saying, “Now, introvert, dear…” It’s weird, I know, but welcome to my brain!

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