Why So Syncd Is the Ultimate Dating App for Introverts

Two introverts find love on a new dating app called So Syncd, pairing users based on Myers & Briggs personality types

Matching users based on their Myers & Briggs personality type, the app has already helped hundreds of introverts find love.

Dating can be daunting for anyone, but it has unique challenges for us introverted folks. Since introverts need plenty of time alone to recharge, facing a new potential relationship is a lot. We tend to look at the big picture and value thought-provoking conversations when getting to know someone new, which doesn’t happen overnight. If someone turns out to be incompatible, it can feel like both a waste of time and our limited social energy.

Introverts need a partner who understands the intricacies of their personality, including their emotional and energetic needs. Will they know that we value in-depth discussions over shallow meetups? Do they “get us” enough to prioritize a quiet weekend with a good book and a cozy blanket? Will the other person’s temperament complement ours in the right ways (and vise versa)?

In recent years, online dating sites and apps have changed the game. With a few clicks, swipes, or taps, we can view potential mates or friendships. We can take quizzes and fill out profiles about our deepest desires or immediate goals. However, when you’re an introvert, it can feel like something is still missing on a deeper level — but one app, called So Syncd, is working to change that.

Now, you can search for love based on personality type.

And, even better, a new and improved version of So Syncd is out! The latest version of the app is faster and even more user-friendly. Try it out for yourself here.

How the App Works

So Syncd is a dating app based on Myers & Briggs personality types, which is a system of 16 distinct types that draws on the work of famed psychiatrist Carl Jung. Launched by two passionate sisters during the COVID-19 lockdown, So Syncd has helped hundreds of introverts find love during a pandemic, a time when even regular one-on-one connection is challenging.

How exactly does the app work? It starts with a free, five-minute test to determine your personality type. The personality profile includes an overview of your type, your ideal date, the best personality matches for you, and your type’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The personality assessment has four categories:

  1. Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E)
  2. Sensing (S) or Intuition (I)
  3. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  4. Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

One letter from each category creates a four-letter personality type, such as INFJ or ENTP. The app also assigns a name to each type — for example, INFP, my personality type, is “So Unique” in the app.  

When you sign up, you get a compatibility rating for each potential match, which is largely based on personality combinations. The rating is not meant as a be-all-end-all, however. The founders seek to connect people with enough similarities for a real connection, but enough differences to learn and grow from one another.

By learning someone else’s personality type up-front, you can get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. You can then compare those to your own profile, making it easier to navigate conflicts or differences in a relationship.

The Two Sisters Helping Introverts ‘Find Their Soulmates’

Jess and Lou are the sisters who launched So Syncd. The app was born after a conversation about matching people better — and avoiding terribly-matched dates. Before the launch, Jess spent time traveling and talking to different people about their relationships and personality types. She looked for patterns in how personality types affect love. Soon, So Syncd was born as a way to find the deep, meaningful connections that so many of us crave.

Now, during the pandemic, with limited options to meet others and date, they’re finding their app has become even more important. Jess recently told My London, “People are just so in need of meaningful connections … It’s been really nice to be able to help people — now we get messages from people pretty much most days, saying things like ‘you helped me find my soulmate.’”

In 2021, Jess and Lou hope to expand the app beyond romantic connections, bringing in a friend-matching feature. As for 2020, So Syncd has helped many people find love, even while social distancing and getting used to a new normal. 

‘Knowing Our Personality Types Sparked a Quicker and Deeper Connection’

Ben, an INFJ, admits that he was jaded with the dating apps that were already out there — but, being intrigued by Myers & Briggs personality types, he thought he’d try out So Syncd. Soon, in mid-April, he met Indy, an ENFJ. With Ben living in the UK and Indy residing in France, the couple didn’t meet in person until around four months later. While finally together in person, Ben and Indy did an interview with the So Syncd sisters on their podcast, Personality Love Lab

“We looked at the idea on [the So Syncd] website about compatibility and matching,” Ben recalled on the podcast. “I kind of already knew about it before, but I thought I’d give it a go and it just proved to be really accurate for us.”

Ben, an introvert, and Indy, an extrovert, said knowing one another’s personality type led to a quicker and deeper connection. “Often with relationship building, it’s very much kind of feeling your way forward, seeing what does and doesn’t work.” Ben noted that the app was “pretty accurate” for the couple, helping them better understand one another. Indy draws her energy from the people around her, whereas Ben describes himself as “kind of quiet, laidback, having to gather my energy and my own thoughts.”

For Ben and Indy, the app was an ultimate success: They officially tied the knot, getting married in December 2020!

‘We Talked for 8 Hour Straight Despite Both Being Introverts’

Jule and Christoph, both from Germany, also found the So Syncd app in October 2020. Both had the same personality type, INTP, or “So Logical,” and had an 88% match rating. As Jule told My London, the couple’s first date (over Zoom) left them talking for eight hours straight despite being two introverts. “It was the middle of the night and it was like five minutes passing by,” Jule recollected.

Bonding over their shared passion for learning, and both priding themselves on knowing “a lot of random things,” they were soon FaceTiming every day, sometimes several times within one day. Then, just days later, Christoph officially asked Jule to be his girlfriend, and the two met in-person at a train station in Germany.

As Jule and Christoph’s relationship shows, the Myers & Briggs-centric aspect of So Syncd helps people understand one another better from the get-go. Then, for example, instead of guessing how a new date might handle conflict or see the world, you can start on more solid ground by knowing their personality profile.

Why Personality-First Dating Is Key for Introverts

It seems couples love the deeper connection that So Syncd brings to dating. That makes sense, as a personality-focused app tells you much more than traditional dating apps can — right from the beginning. 

For introverts, it’s usually not worth investing time in a relationship unless we can see a potential future. A personality-focused app like So Syncd helps bypass the awkward first-few-dates stage and get to the meat of what could make someone an ideal partner and friend. Couples can learn more about each other within the first connection — and build from there.

As a strong introvert myself, I’ve dated people who didn’t understand my sensitive nature. It took time for partners to learn that I needed lots of quiet time, instead of a night out, after a long work week or emotional day. At the same time, I had to learn to balance my personality with my partner’s needs. Some conflicts would have been avoided with a better understanding of each other’s personality profiles.

Since the app starts with a personality assessment, it’s more likely to attract those looking for personal bonds over something short-term. This is refreshing news for introverts who are turned off by the shallower nature of other dating platforms. Fellow introverts can find one another faster, whether they’re new to Myers & Briggs personality types or have been interested in it for years. The app can also help introverts and extroverts understand one another better before they even meet in person.

You can download So Syncd now and take the quick personality quiz. The app is free to get started and available on both iOS and Android. You can also check out the So Syncd website here.

This post was sponsored by So Syncd.