6 Things I Love About the INTJs in My Life

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INTJ” stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judgment, and it’s one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. Nicknamed “the mastermind” and “the architect,” INTJs are known for their penchant for deep thinking, as well as their talent for solving problems in a logical and efficient way. If you have an INTJ in your life, consider yourself lucky — it’s thought that this introverted personality type makes up only 2 percent of the population, making it rare indeed.

I’m an INFJ personality type, but I’m surrounded by INTJs; my mother is an INTJ, as well as some of my close friends. I find myself balanced by their measured and logical perspective. So, here are six things I love about the INTJs in my life.

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What I Love About INTJs

1. Their fascination with learning

I think this is one of the reasons I get along so well with INTJs. I see myself as a lifelong learner and am blessed to share my love of learning with the INTJs in my life; they are one of the few types that enjoys learning new things and experimenting with new ideas as much as I do. I love how INTJs hate small talk but can get lost in big notions, exploring topics and ideas that really matter.

I love how their eyes light up when we have these conversations, and they become so talkative and passionate that sometimes I question their introversion.

I love how they’re not afraid or ashamed to admit when they don’t know something. Instead, they see everything as a learning opportunity — a way to better themselves and improve upon their weaker spots. I’ve never seen another personality type embrace the attainment of knowledge with such admirable enthusiasm as INTJs do. And I love how they’re willing to share their wisdom and experiences with others.

2. Their hidden emotional side

INTJs are known for being cold and robotic, but I don’t see that at all. On the contrary, I’ve seen the deep emotional core of the INTJs in my life, time and time again.

I’ve seen them cry, laugh, sob, and even shake with anger. Their emotions run deep, just like mine do.

I understand why INTJs usually keep their feelings hidden from the world. I truly do. INTJs are private people who unfurl their emotions in layers. Sometimes I wish I had the emotional control of an INTJ, and sometimes I wish they were more open with others. Either way, I feel honored to see the emotional side of INTJs, when most others just see a neutral, focused expression that I’ve come to realize is a look of deep thought and sensitivity.

3. Their confidence

The INTJs I know are so self-assured and self-reliant — and I mean that in the best possible way! Their confidence comes from their introspection, introversion, and their Intuitive and Thinking functions. And I’m so glad they possess that confidence, because they’re some of the most well-researched, intelligent, competent, and resourceful people I know.

Being around INTJs has boosted my own confidence. They’ve taught me to be ambitious and assertive. I’ve always appreciated the confidence of the INTJs in my life, because having confidence in your own abilities is a treasure — one that many INTJs unapologetically carry and share with others.

4. Their intelligence

INTJs are smart. Seriously smart. And they work hard for their renowned intellect. I’ve seen my INTJ friends pore over books and research the life out of something on Google for hours on end. I wish everyone had their dedication. They deserve any success that comes their way because they certainly put in the hard work.

The Introverted Intuition function of INTJs makes them hungry for knowledge, which is probably why they’re the smartest people in my life. They crave understanding the world and why it works the way it does. I know their big-picture thinking and strategic mind can be a source of pain for them sometimes, simply because society tends to marginalize problem-solvers who ask us to overhaul the way we do things, even though most of the time it would be for the greater good. I know living in a short-sighted world is frustrating for you, dear INTJ, but please know that I’ve always valued your insight.

5. Their work ethic

Whenever I have to do group work, I’m relieved and happy when I’m paired with an INTJ. I know INTJs will share the workload and teach me so much in the process. INTJs are strategic, logical, and methodical. Many of them make great project managers, and they always have a plan. They’re architects through and through — always building up their own intellect and empowering others to do the same.

6. Their advice

INTJs give the best advice. Whenever I go to an INTJ with a personal problem, their automatic response is to look for answers and solutions, not to simply sympathize with me. You see, I tend to make things difficult for myself. I over-analyze situations, read too far into people’s emotions, try to justify people’s actions and motives, and offer so much sympathy and empathy to others that it leaves me emotionally exhausted. I love that fact that many INTJs are attentive listeners — people I can let off steam with.

But I also love the fact that after I’ve let my emotions run free, they’re often able to give me practical advice that will actually help my situation. I need and appreciate the advice and logical perspective of the INTJs in my life.

So, to the INTJs in my life, thank you for showing me strength and giving me a glimpse into your world. Thank you for listening to me, giving me advice, and for simply being there by my side.

Thank you for being my “Thinking” twin — and know that I deeply appreciate you for who you are. 

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