7 Compliments to Give an Introvert

An introvert receives a compliment

Introverts don’t always get the praise they deserve, so let them know you see their charm, humor, and insights.

Have you ever tried to encourage an introvert, only to find you hurt their feelings? Despite your good intentions, some words fail to help us introverts. At the same time, some words can lift us up by letting us know we are valued for who we are.

As an introvert, I can recall times when someone close to me was able to say just the right words when I was feeling down. They not only helped me realize my strengths, but they also helped me realize that someone saw what’s unique and special about me; I don’t have to be just like everyone else to be appreciated and loved.

Here are some compliments you can say to an introvert today. (They may help more than you know!)

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7 Compliments to Say to an Introvert

1. “You always have the most wonderful insights.”

Some introverts have trouble expressing their thoughts. This is especially true during social gatherings when they’re forced to engage in small talk.

One reason they may not speak as often as other people do is they tend to think deeply before they express themselves. Sometimes they filter their thoughts and only share things they have thoroughly processed beforehand.

As a result, they may speak with great insight. Once you hear them out, you’ll realize their words often make a lot of sense. 

Whenever I hear someone say that I have these wonderful insights, I feel that something unique and valuable about me is being recognized. Instead of being seen as this shy and quiet person who rarely talks, I feel appreciated and honored.

2. “I love how creative you are.”

Introverts might spend a lot of time on their own, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spending their time well. They often use this time to recharge and engage in creative activities. Sometimes the creative part is done inside their heads when they start to daydream, have imaginative ideas, or out-of-this-world thoughts.

As a writer, I know that even if all I do is sit quietly and drink my coffee, I can still accomplish a lot when my thoughts are allowed to run freely. Using my time alone, I imagine various scenarios that I use when I write stories, poems, and articles.

That is why whenever someone commends me for being a creative person, I feel affirmed. Someone has seen the fruits of my silent, yet diligent, efforts, which is a big win to me.

3. “You’re such a good listener.”

Introverts are rarely seen as the life of the party or the talkative friend who can amuse you with their jokes and interesting stories for hours on end. Sometimes they are even seen as boring — just because they don’t talk as often as other people do.

But what some fail to realize is that even when introverts are quiet, they may be actively participating by listening attentively to the conversation. They give their full attention to the person who is talking and take in as much information as they can.

This is all the more true whenever they are listening to friends who are confiding in them. And when we introverts are appreciated for being a good listener, it means so much to us. It means that our efforts to pay full attention, empathize, and be there for others have finally been recognized!

4. “I value the deep talks we have.”

There was a time when I felt I was missing something because I could not engage in small talk as much as other people. Some can do so for a long time and don’t seem to get tired of it! And it seems like some people even like it!

So, when someone says they value their deep talks with me, I feel as though I was able to offer something worthwhile. Even though I do not always take part in small talk, I encourage deep conversations that strike the heart and soul.

Do you ever struggle to know what to say?

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5. “I enjoy your company.”

I grew up thinking that only those who talk and go out a lot are the ones who make worthwhile friends. But, like other introverts can attest to, parties and social gatherings are not our specialty. I also don’t enjoy being the center of attention as I talk non-stop, going from one topic to another. 

What I do enjoy, however, is cozy time together where I can be fully present with my friend (or whomever). I enjoy walks, savoring the sights and sounds of nature, and sharing my thoughts about the beauty of creation. 

Sometimes I also enjoy hobbies I can share with those close to me, like DIY crafts, painting, or creating original music. I can also spend hours watching movies and sharing my insights about the plot or characters in the film.

It’s truly a joyous feeling whenever someone says that they’ve enjoyed my company. It makes me feel connected, seen, and capable of making my loved ones happy.

6. “I admire your sensitivity.”

Perhaps it’s because introverts spend so much time listening that we’ve developed a kind of sensitivity when it comes to relating to others. It is something that is embedded within, a soft spot in the heart that can easily feel other people’s emotions.

Maybe this is also the reason I process my thoughts before speaking them; it’s because I don’t want to hurt anyone with the words I say. As much as possible, I want to say uplifting and encouraging words, especially to friends.

So, when people say they admire my sensitivity, I feel they are experiencing my love and concern for them and others. They know they were cared for and that their feelings matter to me. 

7. “You have a good sense of humor.”

Even though some introverts don’t talk much, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor

Our humor comes from our deep thinking and the way we’re able to connect disparate ideas in our minds. It also comes from listening and being in touch with people’s psyches.

So, I’m happy when people notice my sense of humor. It means they did not find my company boring. It could also mean, somehow, I was able to make them laugh or smile a little. Just for being me. And that’s the best part of all.

Appreciate the Introverts in Your Life — And Tell Them!

Don’t let our quietness make you think that we don’t care about your thoughts. It means so much to us whenever you tell us you appreciate our strengths. 

So, let your introverted friends or your significant other know that you see their charm, humor, and insights. Say the words that could affirm their value in your life.

We are listening. And we find comfort in knowing that you are listening, too, and happy to be with us.

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