11 Introvert-Friendly Activities That Are Perfect for a First Date

An introvert on a first date

Many stereotypical first date ideas are a bit too… loud. But, luckily, there are plenty of introvert-friendly options out there. 

Whether you connect with a potential love interest via a dating app or in-person — like at a party you never wanted to go to — when you decide to meet up another time, one-on-one, what will you do? After all, they may be an extrovert and want to do an extrovert-geared activity… while you’d prefer a more introvert-friendly one.    

While something like a crowded bar is definitely out of the question, even coffee shop conversations can feel high-pressure when you’re getting to know someone new. Instead, why not suggest one of these 11 introvert-friendly activities that are perfect for introverts to do on a first date?

11 Introvert-Friendly Activities That Are Perfect for a First Date

1. Go see a classic old movie or indie film.

Sundance doesn’t get to have all the fun anymore. Film festivals have flourished nationwide, and theaters everywhere are taking advantage of such opportunities to rebuild lost revenue. And old classics or indie films offer the advantage of drawing far smaller audiences than the new Batman premier.   

This activity also opens the door to asking 2022’s most loaded question: What’s your vaccination status? It’s far safer to attend indoor events if you have both gotten the jab, and you might want to know your prospective partner’s answer before getting too close

Granted, you might feel disappointed if the cutie you’ve been chatting with online turns out to hold views that vary from yours. However, it’s better to know that early on.

2. Browse a museum — it’ll give you plenty of quiet time, as well as fodder for conversation.

Museums are dreamlands for introverts, where everyone speaks in hushed and reverent tones. Plus, you can lose yourself gazing at a work of art so profound it makes the need for conversation moot. Phew.

Your explorations also provide plenty of fodder for chatting over tea when you finish browsing. For example, you might ask your partner what historical era they would most like to live in and why. Could they imagine wearing a medieval suit of armor? Or living in the Victorian era? Why or why not? (You get the idea…)

3. Stroll the museum grounds (which are usually beautiful).

You can skip the museum altogether and stroll the grounds instead, for many museums feature beautifully manicured botanical gardens spanning their periphery. There are often miles of walking paths that are easily accessible, even if you use a mobility device. The serene setting invites quiet conversation or contemplation, even indulging in photography if one (or both) of you enjoys that hobby.

Many introverts find it easier to get along with animals than people. If you’re the type who spends more time socializing with Fido than friends at holiday parties, why not suggest inviting your puppies along for the fun? Pets can often provide oodles of laughter with their antics, which can make for a nice tension-breaker if the conversation stops flowing.

4. Attend a literary reading.

Many introverts enjoy reading more than any other activity. You can wow a prospective date by inviting them to a literature recital, especially if it features works read by the author. Suggesting a book signing — and the accompanying bookstore browse afterward — is another twist on this idea.    

Or, if you enjoy watching the thrill of intellectual competition, why not take in a poetry slam? You don’t have to grab the mic. Simply kick back and enjoy the show — and the vibe is entirely different than the typical bar scene. Hearing the poems read aloud lets you feel the passion each artist poured into their work.

5. Check out a lecture on a topic that interests you both.

Maybe you and your new prospective beau bonded over studying the HPA Axis in your advanced psychology course as part of your online curriculum. If so, why not consider broadening your knowledge by attending a guest lecture on the topic?

But your event doesn’t have to be connected to academia. Are you both fascinated by Ashtanga yoga? Why not take an anatomy workshop together? Even if you don’t need to earn credits toward an instructor’s license, you can advance your knowledge of your favorite pastime.

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6. Pack a picnic basket.

The great outdoors gets you and your date far from the madding crowd. Plus, you might still feel uncomfortable dining inside restaurants if one (or both) of you has continued COVID-19 concerns.

Ask the other person about any dietary restrictions they have so you can pack the perfect basket. Remember the extras that make the occasion complete — like a portable speaker for playing quiet music and sunscreen to keep a red nose from ruining an otherwise beautiful date.

7. Take a hike — it’ll provide you with plenty of quiet time.

If you and your date are more athletic, why not head out on a hike? We introverts love nature — and you can find trails appropriate for every fitness level, even pushing yourself on a more challenging path than you might feel comfortable tackling solo.

If one of you enjoys birdwatching or studying native fauna, you could always take a guided tour. You can identify various species and allow them to share your knowledge. You’ll get to enjoy learning something new, and it’ll provide you with great conversation topics. Plus, while you listen to wildlife sounds, you’ll get plenty of quiet moments for reflection or recharging.

8. Go wine tasting at a cute venue.

Wine tasting events tend to be low-key and less crowded than that hot new restaurant down the street.

Vineyards often feature tasting rooms where you can learn about each varietal directly from those responsible for tending the grapes. Some allow you to sip and snack alfresco while you overlook the grounds. You can also get a bottle (or two) to take home with you, with secret plans to open it on a future date. (Or, if things go really well, on your anniversary.)

9. Create a work of art by attending a paint night (or some other creative activity).

Many introverts have a creative streak. Why not let yours shine? You can find plenty of arts and crafts-based activities, from building stuffed animals to crafting pottery out of clay.

Another idea along these lines is to attend an art-and-sip event. Such gatherings are typically small, and a glass of vino helps ease conversation. Plus, working on your respective paintings gives you a way to occupy your hands and create something to ooh and aah — or laugh — over when you finish.

10. Catch a community theater production.

Taking in a Broadway show can cost a bundle, whether you live in the Big Apple or not. However, many cities have fabulous community theaters where you can catch a live performance for a fraction of the cost of a larger, more renowned show.

The theater attracts a different audience than a movie premiere. Even if the venue has a full house, you can still expect to quietly take in the show without interruption. And, once again, it’ll be a great conversation-starter for afterwards.

11. Gaze up at the stars (which requires no talking).

Stargazing can be an incredibly romantic activity if you’re planning an introverted first date. It’s even better if one of you has a telescope. Meet in an open area like a park, check out the constellations you know, and then invent some new ones. (Down the line, you can always go back and “visit” your constellations.)

However, don’t be bummed if it rains on date night. If you have a planetarium near you, you’re still in luck. Likewise, some observatories allow guided tours where you can gaze through big telescopes.

Are you an introvert who shuts down around the people you’re attracted to?

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