How to Celebrate World Introvert Day (Jan. 2)

There’s only one rule for introverts when it comes to celebrating World Introvert Day: Do something that gives you energy and life.

World Introvert Day was first celebrated in 2011, and this special “holiday” continues to be observed every year on Jan. 2, according to Days of the Year. The idea behind this day is to bring awareness to introversion. Although we “quiet ones” make up about 50 percent of the population, we’re still a largely under-appreciated and overlooked group.

That’s where World Introvert Day comes in. It’s a day to show that being an introvert is something awesome, not shameful.

World Introvert Day is also a reminder to us introverts to take care of ourselves. Falling immediately after New Year’s Day, World Introvert Day is supposed to be a time that we set aside to rest after the busy holiday season. (I’m talking sweatpants and no phone calls, please.) Of course, you might not be able to fully get out of your work or parenting obligations on Jan. 2, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the day.

Really, there’s only one rule for introverts when it comes to celebrating World Introvert Day: Do something that gives you energy and life. So, here are eight ideas to celebrate World Introvert Day.

8 Ideas to Celebrate World Introvert Day

1. Movie or show marathon

Text your best introvert friend, or go it alone (if you count pet snuggles as being alone). And get snacks, always snacks. Consider some of these movies/shows with introverted characters:

  • Amelie, the French film about a quirky, introverted woman who helps others and finds love in her own way. With a whimsical score and colorful production, it’s a brilliant portrayal of how quiet people can change the world.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the coming-of-age movie based on Stephen Chbosky’s critically acclaimed novel. The story follows Charlie, a quiet and overlooked teen, who is caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it.
  • The Way Way Back, an Indie film starring Steve Carell that celebrates how awkward and reserved teen Duncan reshapes his world after a shake-up — without changing himself to please others.
  • Mr. Robot, the Golden-Globe winning TV drama about an introverted, socially anxious computer programmer named Elliot who works as a cybersecurity engineer by day, a vigilante hacker for a mysterious organization by night.

Want more movie ideas? Check out this post, 12 Popular Movies With Introverted Main Characters.

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2. Reading day

Although not all introverts are book lovers, many of us “quiet ones” can’t resist the thrill of a good story. That’s because reading transports us to our absolute favorite place — our inner world. What’s more, there are science-backed benefits to reading, such as increased empathy and lowered stress levels.

Why not spend Jan. 2 (or as much of the day as you possibly can) curled up with a book? Check out these posts for some ideas:

3. One-on-one time with your favorite person

World Introvert Day doesn’t have to be spent alone. Even us solitude-loving introverts need strong, close relationships to be happy. It’s science: Good social support improves our health and increases our longevity, among other benefits.

They key is to choose company that will energize you, not drain you (yes, it is possible, given the right people). One of my favorite activities is meeting my introverted best friend for a glass of wine at our favorite restaurant once a week. Familiarity breeds comfort, and one-on-one time means meaningful connection, not small talk.

So, on Jan. 2, why not toast to the awkward, glorious existence of introvert besties?

4. Go to your favorite museum, bookstore, park, or coffee shop… alone.

Many of us wrongly think that we need company to dine in a restaurant or take in a movie. In fact, one recent study found that people consistently underestimate how much they’ll enjoy going out alone. When all was said and done, people reported having fun, whether they had company or not.

Especially for introverts, there’s something special about being alone in public, and even better when it’s an inspiring place like an art museum or a bookstore. If your schedule allows, visit one of these special places in the early morning or late at night, when there are fewer people around. Savor your surroundings, and the self-reflection they invite.

Feel awkward being in public by yourself? You’re not alone; here’s how one introvert got over her self-consciousness about going to restaurants alone.

5. Get creative

Alone time isn’t just binging shows and lounging (okay, sometimes it is). For many introverts, it’s also time to get creative, whether it’s writing, music, or art. Unfortunately, many of us have to squeeze our passion projects around our precious few hours of free time — after work and between other obligations. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering if your novel will ever get finished.

On Jan. 2, dedicate time to your craft. Here are some posts that will help:

6. Order takeout

Do not cook dinner tonight. I repeat, do not cook. Pick up takeout from your favorite restaurant, or order food delivery online. Savor the extra downtime.

7. Say it on social media

Whether you love or hate social media, you have to admit it’s easier to say some things in writing than it is to say it in person — especially when you’re an introvert. That’s why I created a World Introvert Day gallery of shareable images for social media. Wish everyone a happy World Introvert Day with ease from behind your screen.

Check out my World Introvert Day Gallery

Today is World Introvert Day so I'll talk to you tomorrow meme

Do you ever struggle to know what to say?

As an introvert, you actually have the ability to be an amazing conversationalist — even if you’re quiet and hate small talk. To learn how, we recommend this online course from our partner Michaela Chung. Click here to check out the Introvert Conversation Genius course.

8. Cancel plans

Go ahead. Today’s your day. Send the text now… you know the one.

How will you celebrate World Introvert Day? Let me know in the comments below.

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