What Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Personality Type Has ‘Nightmares’ About

An introvert has a nightmare

The biggest “nightmare” of each introverted Myers-Briggs personality type is their worst fear coming true.

As the CEO of Boo, an MBTI-based social/dating app, I’ve written a lot about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in the realm of dating and friendship. But, for a change of pace, I thought it would be fun to think about what kind of “nightmares” each introverted Myers-Briggs type has. So whether you’re one of the types below — or know someone who is — see if you can relate.

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What Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Type Has ‘Nightmares’ About

INFP: Your secret crush confession goes wrong.

INFPs are personalities with deep feelings and a vivid inner world. However, they don’t show this side or their inner musings to other people, unless they feel close to them. 

Your nightmare: As an INFP, you’re dreaming about that secret crush you’ve had for so long — they’re so suave, confident, and self-assured. You two are alone in a field of meadows among your favorite flowers and one with nature. (And bunnies, too, don’t forget the bunnies.) Romance is in the air, and you feel finally ready to open up. You take them to see some of your private artwork. They like it. You’ve never shown it to anyone before. You’re glowing. You feel like this could be the moment you tell them how you feel, directly. You’ve been mustering the courage for so long and will take action for once, pushing yourself to be strong. You feel like a new person today — but watch out. 

You reveal your feelings and admit all the time you’ve spent thinking about them… maybe for years. They say they just want to be frien–  Before they even finish the sentence, you cut them off and clarify that of course that was what you meant, too. You talk at a frenetic pace as you desperately attempt to change the topic like nothing happened. You begin to laugh hysterically… and wake up in a cold sweat. You decide you’ll stick with secret love notes instead.

INFJ: You’re caught in your “multiple identities” (so to speak).

INFJs are the ultimate chameleons, blending into social situations with ease and reciprocating other people’s emotions with greater understanding than most. However, very few people truly know the INFJ

Your nightmare: In this dream, you’re the most popular kid in school. Everyone knows and likes you — you’re the best lifelong friend they could have asked for. You know just the thing to say and how to act (depending on the person or situation). The cool kids invite you to their party and tell you they’d love to have you there. You begin contemplating your newfound life story and destiny, and start drawing similarities between you and your favorite literary hero. 

When you arrive at the party, everyone is excited to greet you. They’re chanting your name. You see everyone you’ve ever interacted with in school, expecting you to act in the same way they have always known you to be. You can’t possibly be an adrenaline junkie to Mike from homeroom, a circus enthusiast to Jessica, and an emo punk to the goth kids. You’ve developed too many alter egos, and now they’re wondering why you’re acting differently from how they have come to know you. You wake from this dream turned nightmare in panic. 

INTP: You misread a crucial social cue.

INTPs are known for their logical prowess, but sometimes they miss social and emotional cues that others may consider obvious.    

Your nightmare: You’re at dinner, having a great time with the love of your life, the person who has been illogically consuming your thoughts lately. But this time, it’s different. You’re the smoothest and suavest you’ve ever been. You’re reading her every move and emotion like a body language pro. (Your friends at Chess Club are not gonna believe this!) You’re still a person of few words, but tonight, you’re working your magic. You have your lover in your charms. “Tonight was amazing,” she says. “Let’s have dinner again.” Flattered, you honestly respond, “Thanks, but I’m full.” “You’re, like, the smartest person I’ve ever met,” she says. “Can we go back to your place?” You lean over, “I thought you’d never ask… I’ve been dying to show you my Pokemon card collection. Five charizards.” You’re now in your home pulling out your collection when something begins to bother you. You realize you’re in a simulated reality and wake up, wide awake… 

INTJ: You let your vulnerable side slip.

INTJs are known to be strategic and intelligent, and usually long-term thinkers. They also may come across as aloof (at least on the outside).

Your nightmare: You’re at the Mensa International meetup for gifted geniuses, by special invite. You typically decline events like these — small talk is so inefficient — but something made you decide to go this time. Just when you’re minding your own business, an extrovert appears and starts talking nonstop. As much as you try to appear disinterested, they become more interested. You find yourself warming up to them and feel something strange inside you, something foreign. You find yourself opening up in ways you hadn’t before, allowing someone to see the sensitive and emotional side of you that all INTJs have. You tell an embarrassing personal story about yourself. You spill your fears and vulnerabilities, then let out a silly giggle. You wake up shaken, interpreting this dream as an omen. 

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ISFP: You lose your freedom (and your sense of self).

Although introverts, ISFPs are adventurers at heart who desire to be unique, without constraints. 

Your nightmare: You’ve embarked on an adventure to travel the world — with your paint canvas in hand and art gear in your backpack — as you try to experience everything life has to offer. You feel the wind through your hair as you realize you’ve never been more free… and then you get a phone call that you need to return to work. It’s a seven-figure job in corporate America. In the compliance department. Two-week vacation policy. You’re told you’ll be given the most stable job anyone can ask for. You start to panic as you feel your dream world closing in on you. Now you find yourself in the same attire that everyone else is wearing — business casual — the last straw. You wake in a cold sweat. You look in the mirror and feel your head for your mohawk, hair highlights, and nose piercings. You check your multiple tattoos, too — yep, they’re all still there. You breathe a sigh of relief. 

ISFJ: You stick out socially.

ISFJs are humble and dedicated people who don’t like the spotlight

Your nightmare: You dream of a Polaroid-esque era of your life, and your treasured teenage memories. Things just seemed better back then, didn’t they? Your crush is the most popular guy in school, and you’re in the same friend group. He asks if you want to get fries with them. He appreciates how you’re always there to support him when he needs you. You feel appreciated, and you love that. As you’re eating your fries with mayo, you notice you’re the only one not using ketchup. He asks, “Have you always eaten fries this way?” Ketchup. Ketchup. You feel your chest begin to tighten. Suddenly everyone at school is circling you, pointing out your “mistakes”: Your shoes are the wrong brand; you pronounce a word in a funny way. Now you see your parents, then your adult coworkers. They’re laughing. The camera lens of your life spins around in a circular motion, showing every person you’ve ever known standing around you, shaming you publicly for all the ways you “stand out.” You wake up in a cold sweat.      

ISTP: You’re trapped in a never-ending commitment.

ISTPs are one of the most independent personality types — and they also have a pet peeve for emotional clinginess. 

Your nightmare: You’re in your garage, among your tools, fixing stuff. You’ve been living alone (with phone notifications turned off). You’re living life just the way you like, secluded far away from humanity and having all the downtime you’d ever desired. You’re making your own food from scratch, having built your own house out of raw materials. But it’s been a while, so you give into that ounce of loneliness and craving for real human interaction. All of a sudden, a stranger arrives and begins sharing their emotions with you, the kind of deep and juicy emotions related to past trauma. They want you to reciprocate and get deep into your emotions, too. They then proceed to get into your things and mess with your tools. They tell you they never want to leave and start unpacking their belongings, settling in. The two of you will spend every day together! You wake up exhausted and ready to go years without social contact.

ISTJ: You’re forced to throw out the plan and wing it.

ISTJs are cautious and practical. When they do anything, they like to plan ahead and get the details just right.

Your nightmare: You’re on a date at a museum. It’s been a while since you’ve put yourself out there like this, and you really want it to work this time. You’ve put in the effort. You’ve studied the museum catalog and memorized every exhibit. You’ve planned out the time of day for optimal weather, where you’re meeting, and which route you’ll take through the museum. You’ve even prepared for disaster scenarios, like a flat tire… or so you thought. Your date arrives 10 minutes late and suggests you both go skydiving instead. She drags you along, leaving you completely unprepared for what’s coming next. All your plans are thrown out, and your mind is racing. You have to actually… wing it. Before you even take five steps out of the museum, you pass out. You wake up in a frenzy, never having been more grateful for the floor of your bedroom.

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