13 Relatable Comics for Introverts Who Get Nervous in Social Situations

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It’s not easy being an introvert — especially if you also get nervous in social situations. Not all of us “quiet ones” have anxiety, but it’s pretty common for introverts to feel at least some level of nervousness around people. Our comfort zone is back in our introvert cocoon, after all. And, hanging out with people can be downright draining, due to the way we’re wired, which of course just exacerbates any anxiety.

Artist Sarah C. Andersen knows this feeling all too well. She’s the creator of the popular web comic Sarah’s Scribbles, as well as the author of several books, including her most recent one, Herding Cats. Although not all her comics are about introversion and anxiety, many of them will really hit home for introverts.

Here are 13 of our favorite Sarah’s Scribbles comics. Can you relate?

Comics for Anxious Introverts

1. Because it doesn’t take long for you to get your fill of socializing.



2. Words are hard, especially when you have to say them to people.



3. That introvert moment when you need a day to recharge but there’s no escaping your obligations.



4. When you’ll do pretty much anything to avoid socializing.



5. Maybe just read a book instead?


6. Because flirting makes you waaaaay too nervous.



7. The “perfect” escape from awkward small talk.



8. It doesn’t make sense, but the pressure is real.



9. Yep, some days it feels like this.



10. When you’re too drained to be productive.



11. Too. Much. Attention.



12. Pajamas + relaxing at home alone = introvert heaven.



13. Because people.


Find more Sarah’s Scribbles comics on her website or on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, or check out her most recent book, Herding Cats.

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