Introverts who get nervous in social situations will relate to these cartoons

Life isn’t easy if you’re an introvert who gets nervous around other people or has social anxiety. Every day, at school, on the job or with friends, there’s a chance you’ll want to slip quietly away from the group and find comfort behind the closed door of your bedroom. Sarah Andersen, creator of the web comic Sarah’s Scribbles, understands that feeling. Although not all her cartoons are about introversion or social anxiety, many of them hit home. You can find more of her comics on her TumblrTwitter and Facebook pages. Her series is also syndicated on Universal Uclick.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. When it doesn’t take long to get your fill of socializing.




2. Words are hard, especially when you have to say them out loud in front of people.



3. When you really need a day to recharge, but instead you have to get up and go to work or school.



4. You don’t really hate people, but having time to yourself feels so good.




5. When something unexpected happens and you have no idea how to respond.



6. Because it’s so easy to get sucked into a good book.


7.  When you want to flirt with your crush but you get too nervous.



8. When you wish you could hide from awkward small talk.



9. It doesn’t make sense, but the pressure is real.



10. You’re not really going to die alone, but some days it feels like that.



11. What are you even supposed to do now?



12. When you know what you should be doing but you just feel drained.



13. Birthday parties can be fun, but they always come with too much attention.



14. Pajamas + relaxing at home alone = introvert heaven.



15. Finally, because people.


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  • That is pretty much my life Good to know I’m not alone!~

  • I really enjoy these cartoons. Really funny. Thanks for sharing.

  • g

    OMGOSH everything is me…except I don’t read that much haha…I’m kinda dumb. anyway, soooo funny.

  • Kaitlin Marcisz

    This is so spot on, laughing hysterically. #s 6 and 10 – 15 are too perfect!

  • Ro Doyle

    Wow, these are great – so true and very funny. Thank you for explaining my life!

  • I laugh so hard every time I read these! It is so comforting to understand that other people feel this way too, and I think it makes us introverts feel a little less vilified about our natural thresholds for stimulation.

  • BoTigga

    Hahaha! This is JUST like me! Why does the world have to be filled with extroverts? D:

  • Dana

    For the longest while I tried to chnge myself and thought something was wrong with me. Only now starting to accept myself. This cartoon gets me exactly, so that means there must be others like me.

  • I am happy Im not alone! 😀 had to book marked this page ….

  • artemis133


  • I love this! It’s all so true. I am a 64 year old woman introvert/ infp – aging into j. I’d love to read something for women my age who have lived a long life as a highly sensitive person.

  • Written vs verbal – YES! But I love them all. Thanks. : )