The Best Activity for Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Type to Do This Spring

An introvert has a picnic out in nature

Trying to figure out what to do this spring? Look no further than your Myers-Briggs type.

Spring is not only ripe for flowers blooming, but it also brings a blooming social agenda. As the weather gets warmer, and life begins blossoming again, plans start being made, which can feel overwhelming for us introverts. No offense, anyone, but attending a different BBQ each weekend? No thanks.

However, being out in nature — alone — can be perfect for us. After all, it has countless health benefits (such as breathing in the fresh air, getting vitamin D exposure, feeling better, mentally). If you’re not sure what outdoor activity is best, here you’ll find which one you’re most likely to enjoy based on your Myers-Briggs type

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The Best Activity for Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Type to Do This Spring

ISTJ: Take a walk down memory lane

If you’re an ISTJ, you enjoy inspecting and paying attention to the things around you. That’s why taking a walk down memory lane (literally!) is a great spring pastime. This could mean visiting a place you used to go to as a child and reliving the fond memories. Another possibility is to walk around your block or neighborhood, but mindfully and calmly, perhaps taking a different route than usual. And, while doing so, take time to pay extra attention to the small details you see.

ISTP: Plant a garden

ISTPs love to get involved with activities, not just passively watch. Therefore, planting a garden (or tending to an already planted one) is great. It will not only help you get active, but it will also calm your brain, and allow it to focus fully on the task on hand. If plants aren’t your thing, you can explore some other tactile activities. For example, you could plan a trip to a beach or lake near you, and feel the sand, grass, and water. As an ISTP, doing hands-on activities is a great way to satisfy your Myers-Briggs type, and also spend time outside.

ISFJ: Embark on an informational walk

If you’re an ISFJ, chances are, you love facts, knowledge, and information. Just going for a walk might bore you, or not give your mind enough to think about and learn. Try taking an informational hike instead. Surely there are places around you that offer guided tours or that have informative signs with the history of the area, like the forest or botanic garden you’re exploring. You might also go explore a castle or ancient ruin, and that’ll be a gold mine of historical information. You’ll be getting exercise and fresh outdoor air, plus getting a dive deep into the history of your area.

ISFP: Watch the sunrise

ISFPs love art, whether they’re an artist or have that creative spark inside. The good news is, nature is full of aesthetic and visually pleasing images. You can watch the sunrise or just spend time observing nature and the abundant life among it. We often don’t notice all the other sensory experiences (sounds, smells, etc.), yet for ISFPs, these can bring great satisfaction and relaxation. If you live in a busy city, spend your time people-watching! You’ll learn a lot about human behavior, and you might even get inspired.

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INFJ: Spend time with loved ones

As an INFJ, you value deep relationships and deep conversations. This is often difficult to plan, as we all tend to be busy. Yet nowhere will you get a deeper conversation than planning a fun walk or sitting down with loved ones outside. You can even plan a sunset sit-down, as meaningful conversations often happen easier when it’s darker outside, and when there’s no hustle and bustle of the city. Carving out this time with people you appreciate will leave you filled with stories and viewpoints you might not have considered before — all while breathing in, and relishing, fresh air.

INFP: Exercise or meditate outside

Sometimes, it’s good for INFPs to let their thoughts wander. There’s no better place than outside for that — away from technology and others — and that’s why you should try taking your workout or meditation practice outside. This way, your body will be occupied, letting your mind roam and giving it a break. You’ll lose the stress and worries of the “outside world” and will be able to be more mindful in your day-to-day life. Just taking a few deep breaths, surrounded by trees or other plants, works as a great mental reset.   

INTJ: Learn an outdoor skill

As an INTJ, you get satisfaction from accomplishing tasks. Why not combine that with being outside? You can learn so many things in nature, from survival skills, archery, plant identification, and more. If none of those are your cup of tea, you can take any other skill (such as drawing, woodworking, crocheting, even reading) outside — a win-win situation for an INTJ’s productivity-oriented brain.

INTP: Plan a mental picnic

INTPs like to think and enjoy mental challenges. Stretching your brainpower works best on fresh air, and it allows your body to relax, as well. For your next spring nature activity, plan a picnic (alone or with others) and do a puzzle, crossword, word search, or any other mental activity. As an INTP, it’s difficult to “do nothing,” so this way, you’ll keep your brain occupied while reaping the benefits of being in nature.

Choose an Activity That Fits Best With Your Myers-Briggs Type 

Winter provides the comfort and social allowance of being homebodies and spending our time inside (an introvert’s dream!). Yet it would be a shame to waste the lovely weather staying indoors. Just because we get out of the house doesn’t mean we need to socialize — if not a friend, we can connect with nature and our surroundings. 

These ideas are meant to serve as inspiration for your next spring outing and show that you can spend quality time outside, without draining your social battery. Choosing an activity that fits with your Myers-Briggs type will leave you satisfied and fulfilled, and can help you connect to who you are. Whether you love to exercise, do something creative, or learn something new, each of the above can be done while basking in the lovely spring weather and enjoying the nature around you.

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