November Letter from the Editor

Jenn Granneman Introvert, Dear
Hey everyone,

Last Thanksgiving, I was sitting around with my family when one of my cousins mentioned she had just started coloring. She wasn’t talking about the coloring kids do with crayons in preschool, but grown-up coloring. You know, when you get out your nice colored pencils, sip a glass of wine, and color pictures made for adults. That kind of coloring.

“Coloring is such an introverted activity!” she mused. “You do it at home by yourself to relax. Why aren’t there any coloring books specifically for introverts?”

She had a good point. And a quick Amazon search showed there weren’t any coloring books truly for us quiet ones. So, as someone who likes to color myself, I took her words as a personal challenge. I teamed up with two other introverts and for the past year have been quietly working on a coloring book called Introvert Dreams. The book will be available in about two weeks, but you can pre-order it on Amazon now for $2 off if you’re in the U.S. (It’s $12.99 now but will go up to $14.99 when it’s officially published.) Click here to pre-order.

Working on Introvert Dreams was a blast. I wanted to create a book that captured what an introvert’s inner daydream experience might be like. I also wanted to explore the themes of solitude, people overload, and true connection. Introvert Dreams tells the story of an introvert and her cat who slip through the pages of a magical book and find themselves on a journey in a beautiful dreamworld. They soar over stunning landscapes in a hot air balloon and relish quiet, forgotten places. The introvert searches for a legendary seven-pointed star, said to be hidden away in a loud, crowded city—a place where she knows she’ll never fit in. Will she find peace amidst the noise?

Here’s what the front and back cover look like:

Introvert Dreams Coloring Book


And here’s a scene from the book. I hope you like it:

Introvert Dreams Coloring Book

The co-creators of the book are Andre Sólo and Maxeem Konrardy. Andre is the author of Lúnasa Days and writes regularly for Introvert, Dear about the INTJ personality type. Maxeem is a highly skilled graphic artist.

So, if you’re an introvert who likes to color, head on over to Amazon to check out Introvert Dreams. Until next time, keep on dreamin’.

Quietly yours,

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Jenn Granneman, creator of Introvert, Dear