The First Coloring Book Truly For Introverts

90 Colorable Pages

“I fit in better here, in the silence…”

Introvert Dreams is a coloring book with a story to tell—a story that any introvert will understand. Join a quiet girl and her cat as they slip into the pages of a magical book and travel though her extraordinary dream world. She searches for a legendary seven-pointed star, said to be hidden away in a loud, crowded city. But can she ever find peace amidst the noise?

  • 90 detailed pages to color
  • Nearly 60 pages of stunning two-page scenes
  • Designed for adults but suitable for children
  • A touching storyline made by introverts, for introverts

Created by Jenn Granneman, the creator of Introvert, Dear, and introvert author Andre Sólo.

Introvert Dreams book cover

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What inspired you to make Introvert Dreams?

Last year I was at a Christmas party with co-creator Andre Sólo. We were talking about how many great new coloring books were coming out when we realized there weren’t any that were designed just for introverts. That struck me as unusual since so many introverts love coloring—it’s a perfect way to de-stress on your own, or to have something to “do” at family events. The more we talked about it the more we wanted to make the first introvert coloring book. (Not sure what an introvert is? Here’s our answer.)

Right away we knew we wanted to make something different. Most coloring books don’t have a real story running through them, but we think a story can add a lot. So we decided to follow an introvert and her cat through their own inner world. We brought on an amazing introvert artist, Maxeem Konrardy, who brought our crazy sketches to life. He created a whimsical, beautiful world of vast landscapes and forgotten places.

As introverts, Andre and I both often feel misunderstood. We know that many introverts feel the same way, and we want you to be able to see yourself in this story. At one point our main character finds herself in the middle of a giant street party, and all she wants to do is cover her ears and sneak away. At another point she finds a beautiful lost shrine and decides to just stay a while where it’s quiet.

Ultimately, we dedicated the book to the same wonderful people this website is dedicated to: all the quiet ones out there who have ever felt misunderstood. Whether you consider yourself an introvert or you just love coloring, we hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed making it.

What are people saying about Introvert Dreams?

Here are snippets from the reviews on Amazon:

“I really love the designs in this book. But what makes it more special is the storyline that’s attached to it. It takes me to an introvert’s dream world where I go on a little adventure. The pages are a lot of fun and leaves room for my own imagination. I think this coloring book is the first of its kind. —Anonymous colorer

“When I color in this book, I feel like my own mind is spilling onto the paper… this book helped me feel like I was CELEBRATING my introversion, honoring it, highlighting it, bringing it to life.” —Ellie J.

“This is by far one of the best adult coloring books out there. The scenes are very creative and well-drawn. This coloring book tells a story and draws you into a different world, like when you read a good book.” —Brooke B.

“This coloring book is magically whimsical—through the art, a story unfolds of loneliness, magic, and adventure. I love that the art tells a story… that really sets this book apart, in my mind, from other coloring books.” —Anonymous colorer

“It is full of breathtaking scenes that make you feel like you’re being drawn into a different world. The art is dreamy and captivating… I could spend hours getting lost in just one page of this book.” —Amber L.

How can I get it?

Introvert Dreams is already available on in North America, the UK and Europe. It makes a great gift. Click here to get your copy.

Sneak Preview of Introvert Dreams

Here are just a handful of the scenes from the book:

Introvert Dreams coloring book stars

Introvert Dreams coloring book nature

Introvert Dreams coloring book crowded city

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