53 Things That Annoy an INTJ (and 42 Positives)

an INFJ personality is annoyed

The INTJ, one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, has a massively complex inner world. This is a safe place that we retreat into when we’ve had enough of the outer world. It’s a place where millions of pieces of information collide and new theories take shape. It’s where we visualize all the possibilities of any given scenario.

We’re in a virtually constant state of analysis — we do not have an off switch (although many of us would like the option of having one). Indeed, we analyze life to such a high degree that we’re mostly unaware of doing it. We frequently find ourselves in the situation of knowing the answer, but without knowing how we know.

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Could an extrovert handle being in our head for more than a few seconds? Maybe not! Even some introverts would barely survive. The INTJ’s mind can be a loud and extreme place, full of seemingly unrelated pieces of random information. Thanks to our intuitive personality, supercharged by Extraverted Thinking, we’re driven to find solutions to problems. INTJs are born problem-solvers — honestly, we can’t help ourselves.

In order to manage the “noise,” we INTJs have come to love order. Don’t misunderstand me, I love the creative chaos, too, and indeed, many INTJs are drawn to the arts and humanities. But for day-to-day life, I like to know where I am. INTJs like order, we like having a plan; we like seeing patterns and being able to categorize everything. We like solutions and understanding, we like thinking about new ideas, and in order to manage all this, we also like lists.

This brings me to my reason for writing. I like looking through lists, especially lists created by other people. I’ve been building a like and dislike list for some time, because I understand things better when I write them down. Having these lists also helps me explain myself to other people (even if it’s only the few people I trust the most).

I’ve tried to remove my personal tastes when they’ve clouded the list to leave only INTJ attributes. Fellow INTJs, can you relate? Here are 53 things that annoy me as an INTJ, and 42 things I like.

53 Things That Annoy Me as an INTJ

  1. People who think they are INTJs but clearly aren’t
  2. Un-optimized systems and organizations that have no systems
  3. Seeing a problem and “because of politics” not being permitted to fix it
  4. Using inefficient and impractical methods to complete tasks (simply to maintain organizational standards)
  5. Maintaining data that has no value
  6. Incompetent authority figures who can’t see the consequences of their actions
  7. Unnecessary rules
  8. Liars and people who distort the truth
  9. Hypocrites and “two-faced” people
  10. People who question my loyalty           
  11. People who don’t take my ideas seriously
  12. People who “sacrifice” others for their own personal gain
  13. Making mistakes, especially the easily avoidable ones
  14. Talking about things I’m not interested in
  15. When people ask a question, then keep on talking for so long that I actually forget what they originally asked
  16. Being at work and having to pretend I care about something less meaningful than the life-cycle of an amoeba
  17. Monotony and repeating the same thing over and over
  18. Working without clear goals
  19. Illogical presumptions
  20. Inconsistency and irrationality
  21. Conflicts instead of logical discussions
  22. Being asked to defend something I don’t believe in
  23. Bright lights, strong smells, and loud noises
  24. Family gatherings and parties or team-building activities
  25. Crowded places
  26. Socially awkward situations
  27. When too much is going on and my brain freezes
  28. The lack of other INTJs in the workplace
  29. People who say “you look sad”
  30. People who say I am unemotional or unfeeling, when in fact I am passionate
  31. When the conversation doesn’t follow the predetermined script in my head
  32. Overly emotional people
  33. When people interrupt me or don’t even notice I’m speaking
  34. Being hugged by random strangers the first time we meet
  35. Alone time interruptions and invasions of privacy
  36. People who talk incessantly
  37. Anything that prevents me from listening to the entire piece of music
  38. People who say the same thing over and over again
  39. When people are chronically late
  40. Receiving phone calls and being told something when I don’t have a pencil to write it down
  41. Having to make a phone call without being prepared for it    
  42. Being sent to meetings without any background information
  43. Job interviews
  44. When people ask for my opinion and then get offended by it
  45. People who force others to accept their views and opinions
  46. When people only listen because they’re looking for a gap they can squeeze their next words into, rather than listening to understand what I’m saying
  47. Last minute changes to plans
  48. Discovering something amazing late at night, not writing it down, then forgetting what it was the next day
  49. When someone agrees to do something but does not make a note of it and then forgets
  50. Feeling pressured to be something I am not
  51. When people take my sarcasm seriously
  52. Being frequently misunderstood
  53. Being underestimated

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42 Things I Like as an INTJ

To end on a positive note, here are 42 things this INTJ likes.

  1. Deep, meaningful conversations
  2. Being understood
  3. Discovering new things
  4. Seeing patterns nobody else sees
  5. Simply having the time to think about the possibilities
  6. Poetic justice and irony
  7. Dry humor
  8. Seeing somebody finally get something they have struggled to obtain
  9. When the accounts balance the first time
  10. The truth, no matter how painful
  11. Expanding my knowledge and learning new things
  12. Those moments when people in “position” finally drop their outdated processes in favor of something simpler that gets the job done
  13. People who get to the point
  14. Science-based documentaries
  15. Science fiction
  16. Quantum physics (indeed, any cutting-edge science)
  17. Puzzles (or things that make you think)
  18. Multi-dimensional geometry (complex stuff makes me smile)
  19. Considering different methods of cryptography
  20. Alone time
  21. Music and headphones
  22. Silence
  23. Walking in the woods
  24. Writing
  25. Doodles on pieces of paper
  26. Finding plot holes in films and thinking of better plot lines
  27. Old books, scientific books… okay, just books in general
  28. Libraries and museums
  29. History and understanding the past
  30. Abandoned buildings and ruins
  31. Walking into a place nobody else has been to for years
  32. Latin and other obscure languages (also, inventing new languages)
  33. Rainy days and autumn leaves
  34. Stars and trying to grasp the massive hugeness of the universe
  35. The few people I trust
  36. Not being questioned when I really need to leave a gathering
  37. Finishing the job interview and that feeling of peace after the storm
  38. Really big thunderstorms — ironic, I know
  39. Explosions
  40. Comfort food
  41. Being viewed as “insightful”
  42. Lists!

INTJs, what would you add to these lists? Let me know in the comments below.

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