A Love Letter to Introverts on World Introvert Day

An introvert embraces her introversion

Our culture may be fast-paced and shallow, but the way I see it, that means the world longs for your introverted wisdom even more.

Dearest Introvert, 

Happy World Introvert Day! Today is a day to honor all that introverts offer the world. It’s a day to celebrate each and every one of your valuable introverted qualities and strengths

Yes, I said valuable, and I mean it. I know, I know. Introversion doesn’t seem “valuable” in a culture that prefers the extrovert ideal. Charismatic gregariousness is rewarded over quiet contemplation. Ostentatious achievements garner more attention than unassuming capabilities, regardless of which is more deserving. 

But keep in mind that we happen to be caught up in a society that has its values all tangled up. I’m hopeful that we’ll sort it out, but in the meantime, true value isn’t negated by its confused priorities.

And you, dear one, have true value. 

Today, I want to speak to that value. I want to remind you of all that you are and all you have to offer the world, just by being yourself. Whether you’re an empathetic so-called “loner” who would rather spend all their time in nature, or a quiet, quirky creative who refuses to abide by our societal construct of constant productivity, I truly believe that we offer our best when we offer our truest selves. If your truest self is as introverted as they come, well, love, that’s exactly who the world needs you to be. 

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Today, Celebrate Who You Are

Dear introvert, you are a deep thinker. You are an incredible observer. And you take all that observing — all the beauty on your daily commute, all the melodic genius of your favorite song, all the nuance of a complicated situation — and you process it deep within yourself. You do this effortlessly, without even trying! 

Now, you may be thinking that I’m just describing what an overthinker you are, and how all that overthinking can sometimes be debilitating. Yes, it can be. You might have a bit of a reputation as someone who is “in their head too much” and could benefit from being out more in the “real world.” 

Ah but, love, remember how twisted up the world’s values are at the moment. Anyone who says you don’t spend enough time in the “real world” has no idea how much more of that world you take in! That’s why you’re in your head a lot — there is so much to process from all your quiet noticing. And much of what you notice are things those people telling you to ‘“get out of your head” miss at every turn. 

Don’t forget what a gift it is to notice what you notice. You can dwell on the beauty of the world just as much as the heartache. The joy of a sweet moment can linger in your mind as much as the indignance of an injustice. You can get lost down the rabbit hole of a captivating idea for better or worse.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy. But you get to sink into life in a way that not everyone does. It’s hard, but it can also be magical.

The Inherent Wisdom of Introverts 

So, I invite you to take your overthinking mind and think about this for a moment: All your observing and deep internal processing yields something magnificent in you — wisdom

Maybe you’ve been called “wise beyond your years” your entire life. Or maybe no one has ever taken the time to hear the wisdom you possess. But it’s still there, whether others can hear it or not. You have a knowing, a perception, and an insight that is hard-won and important. Call it intuition, wisdom, or observation — whatever feels truest to you.

What’s crucial to remember is that it matters; it’s not for nothing. Our culture might be too fast-paced and shallow to value it much of the time, but the way I see it, that just means the world longs for your wisdom more than it knows. 

So today, I invite you to greet your overthinking brain with a bit of kindness. Maybe take a break from berating yourself for something you didn’t choose and explore gratitude for it instead. Maybe, just for today, indulge in your daydreams. Let your mind wander freely. Sink into contemplation and see where it takes you.

Love, it might just change the world. 

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The World Needs You Today (and Every Day)

Dear introvert, I know you feel like this world is just not made for you. It can feel like all the chaos and crowds and chatter force you into exile. But the world needs you.

Only, you are meant to live differently from what’s been deemed as “normal” in today’s world. You need to prioritize your restorative solitude. You need quiet spaces to re-energize. You need to tap out of loud and overstimulating environments before they wear you all the way down to nothing. 

Because the world doesn’t need you to be nothing. The world needs you to be who you are

And you, dear introvert, are worthy of being. You are just as important as the extroverts, the external processors, the quick thinkers. Your needs are valid and deserve your attention and care in order for you to be you — the truest you, who is exactly who the world needs. Even if you sometimes feel like a “bad” introvert, don’t!

Today is a day to remember that society needs your quiet strength. It needs your hardworking mind. It needs your thoughtful insight. The world needs you to care for these valuable qualities that make you who you are. 

The world needs you to believe in your value so you can contribute to its betterment.

Susan Cain ends her book, Quiet, with this admonition from Anaïs Nin: “Our culture made a virtue of living only as extroverts. We discouraged the inner journey, the quest for the center. So we lost our center and have to find it again.”

So, dear introvert, let today serve as a celebration and directive for you. Center yourself in who you are. You have so much to offer the world, and so much that defines a beautiful and fulfilled life. You bring your thoughtful observation and careful contemplation, and you translate it into empathetic kindness, wise leadership, and true works of art. The world desperately needs recalibrating, and I believe that your strengths are the key. 

Mahatma Gandhi said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Yes, it’s become cliché, but only because it’s so inherently true.

So celebrate you today. Acknowledge your value. And share it with the world just by being your exquisite, introverted self. 

Happy World Introvert Day, introverts!

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