5 Things You Should Do on World Introvert Day (Jan. 2)

An introvert celebrates World Introvert Day

On Jan. 2, set the tone for a year that embraces and honors your strengths as an introvert.

The new year is here! As we usher in a season of fresh starts and big goals, it’s also time to commemorate another, lesser-known holiday that’s just as worthy of celebration — if a little quieter than the New Year’s Eve fanfare.

World Introvert Day, observed annually on Jan. 2, is dedicated to celebrating and bringing awareness to introversion. Founded in 2011, it’s an opportunity for us often-overlooked “quiet ones” to indulge in a day of restorative tranquility, providing a much-needed reset after the bustling holiday season.

This year, we’re taking World Introvert Day to the next level. Recognizing that introversion deserves to be celebrated every day, all year long, we’re using this World Introvert Day to kick off a full year of unapologetic introverting. Here’s how you can set the tone for a year that embraces and honors your strengths as an introvert.

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5 Things You Should Do on World Introvert Day

1. Plan some alone time.

First things first: Give yourself a chance to catch your breath and transition out of the whirlwind of the holiday season.

For introverts, the holidays can be particularly overwhelming. It’s no coincidence that World Introvert Day falls immediately after New Year’s Day. It reminds us to recharge after the hustle and bustle of nonstop holiday parties, family obligations, and other social commitments associated with the season.

So, prioritize self-care. Take a moment to relax, unwind, and catch up on all your favorite introvert-friendly activities that you might have neglected during the holiday rush. If possible, give yourself permission to shut off your phone, too, and simply revel in the post-holiday peace and quiet. 

On Jan. 2 – or on another day this week – make a point of doing at least one thing that helps you recharge, whether that’s immersing yourself in a good book, enjoying a leisurely bath, embarking on a relaxing nature walk, pursuing a creative project, journaling, practicing meditation, or indulging in the art of “doing nothing.”

Of course, World Introvert Day isn’t a widely recognized national holiday, so spending the entire day immersed in solitude might not be feasible — especially if you find yourself in a noisy workplace.

In that case, find small ways to treat yourself and ease back into your routine after the holidays. Whether it’s closing your office door for a moment of peace, slipping away to a quiet coffee shop during your lunch break, or blocking off some quiet time on your calendar to ward off unnecessary meetings, finding those pockets of tranquility today can help set the tone for a more peaceful year ahead. 

2. Conduct an energy audit.

While the new year marks the end of the holiday season, this time of year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. Use today as an opportunity to take stock of how you’re spending your time and energy, and make any changes that will enhance your well-being.

Begin by making a list of things that bring you peace and joy, and then make a plan to incorporate more of those activities into your day-to-day life. 

You can also conduct an energy audit by tracking your time. Evaluate how each activity in your daily routine makes you feel: Does it invigorate you — or drain you? Look at your schedule and notice any patterns. Are there ways to minimize the energy-draining activities? Which activities revitalize you and give you the most energy? Strategically plan to incorporate more of those uplifting moments into the upcoming year.

And, as the year progresses, continue to make yourself a priority. Notice when your busy schedule gets in the way of those life-giving activities. Set reminders to check in with yourself and repeat the energy audit every few months.

If you have a particularly busy schedule, take time now to proactively schedule breaks and self-care throughout the year. Book that solo beach vacation before other obligations take priority. Splurge on a book-of-the-month club subscription (consider it a World Introvert Day gift to yourself!), and let your monthly delivery signal that it’s time to take some time to recharge. Or treat yourself to another introvert-friendly gift, like a favorite tea set or a luxurious bath product, and let it serve as a reminder to prioritize self-renewal all throughout the year.

However you like to practice self-care and replenish your energy, use this World Introvert Day to jumpstart your year with activities that nourish your well-being.

3. Commit to building new routines and habits.

As the new year unfolds, many people make resolutions, often focusing on physical fitness and mental health. However, it’s common to overlook our needs as introverts in the process. This year, set new goals that honor your introverted nature.

Consider your resolutions for the upcoming year and let this World Introvert Day mark the beginning of a new habit — prioritizing your introverted needs. Whether it’s committing to set better boundaries around your time and energy, incorporating a quiet evening ritual that helps you recharge at the end of the day, or finally mastering that musical instrument, learning a new language, or completing that neglected knitting project, make resolutions that resonate with your introversion.

Setting goals is crucial for personal growth, and it’s a great way to boost your motivation and cultivate a positive mindset for the year ahead. By creating specific, realistic, and attainable goals that align with your introverted nature, you not only boost your confidence, but also pave the way to becoming a happier, healthier introvert in the new year.

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4. Let go of what’s no longer serving you.

Just as the new year brings opportunities for new goals and healthier habits, it’s also a prime moment to shed bad habits and old ideas that are holding you back.

It’s not easy being an introvert in a world designed for extroverts. Many of us have heard over and over again that we are “too quiet,” that we lack confidence, that we’re boring or awkward or shy. Over time, we may internalize those messages. 

Let this be the year that you liberate yourself from those limiting beliefs and any other counterproductive habits — such as forcing yourself to “act extroverted,” isolating excessively, avoiding necessary confrontations, or deflecting in social settings with self-deprecating humor (or is that just me?).

This is also a great time to recognize and release people or situations that contribute to negative feelings about yourself. It’s okay to outgrow friendships or relationships with people who don’t understand or appreciate you. Revisit that list of energy-giving versus energy-draining activities: Are there certain situations, relationships, or activities that are no longer serving you? Let them go in the year ahead.

5. Fully embrace — and celebrate! — your introversion.

This World Introvert Day, make it a priority to fully embrace and celebrate your introversion. If you haven’t already, let this be the year you wholeheartedly accept yourself. Take a moment to reflect on all of the wonderful traits that define you, expressing gratitude for your introverted mind and the incredible strengths that come with it.

And don’t be afraid to share that pride with others! Start by sharing an article (like this one), in order to help foster better understanding and appreciation for introverts.

As we kick off the new year, World Introvert Day serves as an opportunity for introverts to navigate the months ahead with intentionality. Take a moment to recover from the holiday rush, build new habits aligned with your introverted nature, release what no longer serves you and, above all, celebrate your unique qualities as the amazing introvert you are. By doing so, you set the stage for a year filled with self-discovery, growth, and a deep appreciation for the strength that comes with being an introvert.

Here’s to a year that honors your individuality and brings fulfillment to every quiet moment. 

From one introvert to another, Happy World Introvert Day!

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