5 Reasons Introverts Are the Best at Finding Their Life Purpose

an introvert finds her purpose

Our love of alone time can lead to deep insights, while our natural creativity can unlock hidden parts of our universe.

For most of my life, I have conformed to the expectations of others. Mostly to keep the peace and not rock the boat, I soon realized that my conformity was the ultimate source of control. As a self-proclaimed control freak, the illusion of having such a tight grasp on the direction of my life was exhilarating and comfortable. Until it wasn’t. 

As an introvert, I’ve always done my best thinking alone, can concentrate for hours on end, and prefer writing my thoughts down before sharing them. 

But, much to my annoyance, in addition to thinking I had the secret to life figured out, I also carried around with me a subtle sense of restlessness, an uneasy nagging in the back of my brain that I was meant for more.  

So I continued doing everything that was expected of me by other people: Corporate job full of public speaking? Check. Networking events full of small talk? Check. Willingly placing myself in situations that drained my energy? Check. 

Eventually, the restlessness became louder and more demanding. The more I ignored it, the more intense it became.  

The Illusion of Control

If you have ever lived a double life, you know it can be exhausting. Every day, I donned my mask of conformity as I went about my business, pretending to love my job as people told me how lucky I was to make so much money. But no one knew the real me. Including myself. 

However, there comes a time when, no matter how hard you try to fight it, your authentic self will come calling. For me, I could no longer repress my true feelings about my job. 

I am not going to lie — it was not an easy process. But I pushed forward and ended up where I am today, an intuitive tarot reader who is passionate about helping other introverts tear down their self-imposed fears so they can live a life of passionate purpose.           

As an introvert in an extroverted world, I know it may be difficult to see your worth. Daily, we face reminders of how we are “too quiet,” “too sensitive,” or “too serious.” But what if I told you that not only can you recreate your life to live more aligned with your purpose, but that you are especially designed to do so?  

What we aren’t told as introverts is that we possess a quiet power that is influential and strong. Just because we usually don’t fit the conventional mold doesn’t mean we don’t have something to offer.  

Why Introverts Are the Best at Finding Their Purpose

1. Our love of alone time paves the way for deep insights.

Unlike extroverts, introverts thrive on spending time alone. Many of us think nothing of spending hours deep in thought and have bookshelves full of self-help books. Loneliness is rarely a factor, which allows us to take our development further.  

This love of self-development paves the way for carefully considered insight, and we definitely aren’t afraid of the hard questions — now’s the time to ask them. 

Most of us are also natural observers and notice details others miss, superpowers that enable us to see patterns around us that others can’t. Because we take a step back and watch what goes on around us, we gain an even deeper awareness of how we connect to our surroundings. This awareness can supercharge our personal growth.

2. Our natural creativity unlocks hidden parts of our universe.

Introverts are notoriously creative and possess fertile minds. This natural creativity unlocks parts of our universe that others don’t know exist and is the key to allowing for flow in our life. Allowing flow gives us motivation, creates solutions to problems, and opens us up to new ways of thinking.  

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are not creative. Creativity is more than art; it is the birthing of something inside yourself and making it real. It is up to you to harness it and turn into something meaningful.  

For example, for years I believed I couldn’t write based on my not-so-great high school English essay grades. But, as I started to follow the path toward my life purpose, I knew that, as an introvert, the only way to get my message across was to put pen to paper (no way was I going to do live videos on social media).

3. We can tap our intuition to discover what we’re passionate about.

Exceptionally in tune with our emotions and feelings — as well as with others’ emotions and feelings — many introverts have a unique ability to tap into our intuition. This intuition is the source of our knowledge and the seat of our purpose. 

When we connect with our soul, our body responds instantly, letting us know we are on the right path toward extreme fulfillment.  

One of the easiest ways to know whether you are heading in the right direction is to pay attention to how your emotions show up in your body. Feeling tight and restrictive? Time to check in and see if you are aligned with your higher self. Feeling open and expansive? Chances are, you are right where you need to be.  

For instance, I fought against coming out as a tarot reader for a long time. I believed I would be judged and dismissed, but the result of my hiding led to sleepless nights due to anxiety. After posting what I was passionate about on social media, however, I felt light and airy as relief flooded my body. 

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4. We’re no strangers to having deep conversations … with ourselves.

As introverts, every part of our existence has to have meaning and make sense to us. We struggle with pointlessness because it feels so … pointless. 

Just think about the way most introverts hate small talk; it’s because we want to get to the deeper, more meaningful conversations. And, when we’re searching for purpose, it’s time to have those deep conversations with ourselves.  

This doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get your journal and write down: “What do I like to do?” Then see what comes next as the ideas start to flow. For every answer you uncover, ask another question until you get to the root of what you really want to know.  

Here’s what this may look like:

What do I like to do?

  • Travel
  • Why?
  • Because I get to experience so much. 
  • How do you get to experience so much?
  • Because I am so good at planning my trips, I can fit in a lot. 
  • Why is fitting in a lot important?
  • Because I learn so much and it impacts my life for the better. 
  • How can you share with others so they can experience the same thing?
  • Tap into my gifts of planning trips and take away the part others don’t want to do, but still give them the experience of a lifetime.  

5. We’re not afraid of challenging the status quo.

As much as introverts don’t tend to like change, sometimes it’s necessary, especially if we’re talking about finding our deeper life purpose. When you alter things you’re currently doing — like the way I viewed my job — you can change your life.

Finding and living your purpose in life demands some semblance of turning your back on the status quo. Yes, your parents may want you to go to law school and earn a good living, but will that make you happy?

It takes courage to not only question whether your path in life is right for you, but also to actually make the changes needed. My decision to simply follow my intuition was insanely scary, but I stuck with it and the discomfort was worth it, as I now joyfully live my purpose every day. 

So I ask you: What sets your soul on fire? If you are not currently living a life filled with meaning and fulfillment, you are not where you belong. I implore you to take a hard look at your life and face what is holding you back. 

How to Get Started Finding Your Life Purpose

Right now, as the world changes in so many ways, there has never been a better time for us introverts to harness our unique characteristics by looking within and discovering our true life purpose. Let’s reclaim our quiet power — the world needs us. Here are some steps to get started:

  • Find your sacred spot. This can be an empty room in your house, a place outside in nature, or anywhere you won’t be disturbed as you get to know yourself. 
  • Buy a journal and pen you love to write with. Take it everywhere with you and jot down ideas and dreams that come to mind throughout the day.
  • Get creative. Find something that moves you, like dancing, painting, writing, creating a Pinterest board, and so on.  
  • Practice daily. As with everything, learning who you are gets easier with practice.  
  • Pay attention to your body. The emotions you feel are your own personal GPS that lets you know if you are heading in the right direction. 
  • Enjoy the process. Make sure to have fun!

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