25 Gifts That Will Make Introverts Say ‘It Me’

You didn’t choose the introvert life. The introvert life chose you.

Here are the 25 best gifts from our store that we think will make introverts say “it me.” Your purchase directly supports this blog and community. You help us continue our mission: to let introverts everywhere know it’s okay to be who they are.

Hurry! These items won’t be around forever. All our introvert gear is made to order, which means each item is born one at a time the moment you purchase it.

To get your gifts before Dec. 25, order no later than Dec. 13 (if you’re in the United States and choose standard shipping). If you’re outside the U.S., we recommend placing your order even earlier: Dec. 2 (standard shipping) — your introvert goodies have farther to travel!

Gifts for Introverts

1. I’d Love to Stay and Chat But I’m Lying ringer tee

I'd love to stay and chat but I'm lying ringer shirt in blue

I need to go home now so I can be alone and do nothing. Buy it here.

2. Introverts Unite Separately in Your Own Homes shirt

introverts unite separately in your own homes black shirt

“Love, love, love my purchase! The quality is excellent. It feels super comfy and goes with anything. One of my favourite pieces of clothing now. Proud to wear as a statement piece.” -Selene L. Buy it here.

3. I Came, I Saw… I Made It Awkward sweatshirt

I came, I saw... I made it awkward sweatshirt

Awkward is my superpower! Thick, soft, and warm, this oversized crew sweatshirt is printed in the USA with eco-friendly ink and made of heavy blend shrink resistant cotton/polyester. Buy it here.

4. Too Busy Feeling Feelings and Overthinking It mug

Too busy feeling feelings and overthinking it mug for introverts

I’ve never had a mug describe me more accurately. Buy it here.

5. Nope Cat t-shirt

nope cat t-shirt for introverts

“Best t-shirt I have. Captures my mood some days and fits perfectly.” -Julian P. Buy it here.

6. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar mug

I'm silently correcting your grammar gift mug for introverts

You’ve been warned. Buy it here.

7. I’d Rather Be Reading fleece hoodie

I'd rather be reading fleece hoodie gift for introverts

Printed in the USA with eco-friendly ink and ethically made, this warm fleece hoodie is all the snuggles with none of the struggles. Buy it here.

8. It’s Too Peopley Outside women’s fitted tee

It's too peopley outside fitted tee for women

“I bought this t-shirt in dark gray. I adore the design and soft material. The fit is perfect.” -Jovy N. Buy it here.

9. So Good to Be an Introvert mug

So good to be an introvert mug

This sturdy ceramic mug with a glossy finish can withstand the dishwasher, microwave, and your worst introvert hangover. Buy it here.

10. I Like to Party and By Party I Mean Take Naps shirt

I like to party and by party I mean take naps shirt for introverts

I, erm, will party again this afternoon. Made in the USA, this stylish 3/4 sleeve shirt is 100% sweatshop free! Buy it here.

11. If It Requires Pants Then Nah mug

If it requires pants than nah coffee mug gift for introverts

It’s a no for me. Buy it here.

12. Introverts Unite Separately in Your Own Homes t-shirt

introverts unite separately in your own homes t-shirt

Our bestselling shirt! Buy it here.

13. Books Coffee Naps sweatshirt

Books coffee naps sweatshirt

“This sweatshirt is absolutely awesome! The comfort is perfect! It’s so very soft and lightweight, but with a twist of security for me. I ordered the extra large hoping it would be a little baggy and I was pleasantly surprised! (It is a daily wear for me.)” -Robin V. Buy it here.

14. Introverted But Willing to Discuss True Crime mug

Introverted but willing to discuss true crime mug

Me: Don’t be weird at this social event.

Also me: Tell strangers unnecessary facts about serial killers.

Buy it here.

15. Strong Silent Type sweatshirt

Strong silent type sweatshirt gift for introverts

Be afraid of the quiet ones — they’re the ones who actually think. Buy it here.

16. Introverted But Willing to Discuss Books t-shirt

Introverted but willing to discuss books t-shirt

Printed in the USA with eco-friendly ink and ethically made, this soft tee is as relaxed as your next introvert night in. Buy it here.

17. Grumpy Nope Cat sweatshirt

red sweatshirt for introverts with an image of a grumpy cat

For when you just can’t “people” anymore! Like all our introvert gear, this unique design is not sold in stores. Buy it here.

18. Introverted But Willing to Discuss Plants t-shirt

introverted but willing to discuss plants shirt gift for introverts

“Love it, super soft and comfy. Got the dark green color and it’s a beautiful color. Already gotten compliments and asked where to find them. And it worked! Had a discussion while in a shop about plants and nothing else, just because of the shirt.” -Becka P. Buy it here.

19. Introverts Are Awesome, They Just Keep It to Themselves mug

Introverts are awesome, they just keep it to themselves coffee mug gift

So awesome! Buy it here.

20. I’d Rather Be Reading ringer tee

I'd rather be reading ringer shirt for introverts

My stacks of books won’t read themselves. Buy it here.

21. Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come mug

Sorry I'm late I didn't want to come floral mug for introverts

Sorry not sorry. Buy it here.

22. Bookmarks Are for Quitters 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

gift for introverts "bookmarks are for quitters" 3/4 sleeve shirt

What’s better than a good book you can’t put down? Buy it here.

23. Introverted But Willing to Discuss Plants fleece hoodie

gift for introverts "introverted but willing to discuss plants" hoodie

Your purchase directly supports this blog and community. Buy it here.

24. Team Introvert baseball shirt

gifts for introverts "team introvert" baseball shirt

Just to make it clear which team you’re playing for… Buy it here.

25. Shhh I’m Introverting sweatshirt

gift for introverts "shhh I'm introverting" sweatshirt

When you need the alone time that all introverts crave. Buy it here.

Introverts, which ones made you laugh? And which ones will you add to your holiday shopping list? Let me know in the comments below.

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