25 Gifts That Will Make Introverts Say ‘It Me’

gifts for introverts

You didn’t choose the introvert life. The introvert life chose you.

Got an introvert in your life — or are you one yourself? Here are 25 of the best gifts from our store that we think will make introverts say “it me.” Your purchase directly supports the Introvert, Dear community.

If one of these catches your eye and you plan to give it as a holiday gift, order soon! Each item is made to order, so U.S. orders arrive in about 2 weeks; orders to other countries arrive in about 3 weeks.

Relatable Gifts for Introverts

1. I’d Love to Stay and Chat But I’m Lying shirt

I need to go home so I can be alone and do nothing.

“Love love love! The fit is great, the printing is crisp, and I get such a kick out of this each time I wear it!” -Brynne

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2. I Don’t Miss Calls, I Stare at Them mug

“Good quality mug. I’m pleased with it and it makes my family laugh because the slogan is so true.” -Ms. N

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3. Introverts Unite Separately in Your Own Homes shirt

“Love, love, love my purchase! The quality is excellent. It feels super comfy and goes with anything. One of my favourite pieces of clothing now. Proud to wear as a statement piece.” -Selene

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4. Too Busy Feeling Feelings and Overthinking It mug

I feel personally attacked…

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5. Nope Cat t-shirt

“Best t-shirt I have. Captures my mood some days and fits perfectly.” -Julian

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6. Introverts Just Need Their World a Little Quieter and Less Crowded mug

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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7. I’d Rather Be Reading fleece hoodie

“This hoodie is incredibly soft and comfortable! It arrived on time and I love the message.” -Deb

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8. It’s Too Peopley Outside women’s fitted tee

“I bought this t-shirt in dark grey. I adore the design and soft material. The fit is perfect.” -Jovy

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9. Zero Stars sweatshirt

“Could this be more real? The sweatshirt’s fit is perfect, it’s roomy and comfortable. The fabric is soft and it washes well. I love the meme! It’s so true, might as well stay inside!” -Carpenter

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10. I Was Social Distancing Before It Was Cool t-shirt

When all of this is over, please continue to stay 6 feet away from me.

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11. If It Requires Pants Then Nah mug

It’s a no for me.

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12. Introverts Unite Separately in Your Own Homes t-shirt

“I love the message, and the shirt is very soft — perfect for an evening in!” -Elizabeth

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13. Books Coffee Naps sweatshirt

“This sweatshirt is absolutely awesome! The comfort is perfect! It’s so very soft and lightweight, but with a twist of security for me. I ordered the extra large hoping it would be a little baggy and I was pleasantly surprised! (It is a daily wear for me.)” -Robin

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14. Introverted But Willing to Discuss True Crime sweatshirt

Me: Don’t be weird at this social event.

Also me: Tell strangers unnecessary facts about serial killers.

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15. Strong Silent Type sweatshirt

Be afraid of the quiet ones, because they’re the ones who actually think.

“This is me!! Good quality, good fit, met my expectations.” -Stephen

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16. Introverted But Willing to Discuss Books t-shirt

“Can’t wait to wear this to my book club and literature appreciation group! Fits well. Color is not exactly as I envisaged but very nice all the same. Feels good against skin. Happy I bought it.” -Marina

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17. Grumpy Nope Cat sweatshirt

“Bought as a Christmas gift for my fiancé. He loves it — soft, warm and perfect for either cozying up at home or to stick on after a chilly hike/trail run. And it’s definitely pulled in a few ‘this is way too perfect for you’ comments from our friends.” -Leah

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18. Introverted But Willing to Discuss Plants t-shirt

“Love it, super soft and comfy. Got the dark green color and it’s a beautiful color. Already gotten compliments and asked where to find them. And it worked! Had a discussion while in a shop about plants and nothing else, just because of the shirt.” -Becka

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19. Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come shirt

(I’m not really sorry.)

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20. Introverts Just Need Their World a Little Quieter and Less Crowded t-shirt


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21. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar mug

“This is exactly what I wanted for my NOLA area CPA daughter. It was a Christmas present. I love the Introvert, Dear Store.” -John

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22. I Was Social Distancing Before It Was Cool mug

“Better in real life! Larger and better quality than anticipated. My work-from-home introverted friend was delighted! Very speedy delivery!” -Patricia

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23. I Don’t Miss Calls, I Stare at Them premium fleece pullover

Introverts don’t miss calls… they watch them ring!

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24. Team Introvert baseball shirt

“Perfect for the gym, perfect for casual day, perfect for me. I absolutely get a kick out of the looks I receive at the gym when I’m training with this!” -Frank

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25. Shhh… I’m Introverting sweatshirt

“Nice. It’s soft and snuggly warm. Just what I wanted.” -Vickie

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Introverts, which ones made you laugh? Which ones will you add to your holiday shopping list? Let me know in the comments below.

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