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‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, and that means wracking your brain for gift ideas for the introverts in your life. To help you out, we’ve scoured the Internet for the best gifts for introverts. You might even find something for yourself on this list.

Bonus: All these gifts can be purchased online. That means no fighting crowds in loud, busy stores. Saved! (From an introvert hangover, that is.)

Not sure if your friend is an introvert or not? See if they match this introvert definition.

Here are 18 gifts we think introverts will love:

1. Text, Don’t Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life

The inspiration behind it: To encourage introverts who feel odd or out of place; to show them that they are not alone and that introversion is not a defect, but rather a matter of natural wiring

Why it’s great for introverts: It’s a humorous, validating, and easy read that would make a great stocking stuffer.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $9.80

2. The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World

The inspiration behind it: To help introverts (and those who love them) better understand their quiet temperaments

Why it’s great for introverts: Written by Introvert, Dear founder Jenn Granneman, this bestselling book is engaging, validating, and science-backed.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $12.02

3. The Introvert Activity Book

The inspiration behind it: People mistakingly assume that introverts don’t know how to have fun. We do—it just looks different than an extrovert’s idea of fun! This book is a combo of playtime and self-care for introverts. It features 110 quiet, solitary projects, including journaling prompts, paper crafts, doodle ideas, and games.

Why it’s great for introverts: When you give someone The Introvert Activity Book, you’re giving the gift of creativity and relaxation: two things introverts thrive on.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $10.38

4. Introverts Retreat gift box

The inspiration behind it: To help introverted women rejuvenate and recover from their busy, people-filled schedules

Why it’s great for introverts: Choose either a monthly subscription or a single gift box with no subscription. You’ll get goodies to help you recharge, such as books (you choose the genre), soothing beauty and bath products, DIY crafts or activities, candles, instrumental CDs, decadent snacks, and more.

Where to buy it: Introverts Retreat starting at $21.99; use the code RECHARGE at checkout for 15 percent off

5. Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert’s Story

The inspiration behind it: To document a time in the author’s life when she was struggling with her introverted personality and how she finally came to embrace her quiet ways

Why it’s great for introverts: It’s an honest graphic story that introverts will relate to. It explores the funny quirks that come with being an introvert, as well as how having a quiet personality can be a wonderful thing.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $10.39

6. The Irresistible Introvert: Harness the Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World

Irresistible Introvert

The inspiration behind it: To help fellow introverts learn the tools to shed their mask of extroversion, develop their own magnetism, and reveal their shining authentic self

Why it’s great for introverts: Rich in imagery, emotion, and insight, this book is the perfect companion for an introvert’s night in. Why leave the house when you can stay home and curl up with 200 blissful pages of introvert love?

Where to buy it: Amazon for $12.33

7. Yaoyao Ma Van As prints

The inspiration behind it: To inspire others through little moments, both the good and the bad

Why it’s great for introverts: Featured on Introvert, Dear, Yaoyao’s illustrations perfectly capture the joy of living alone (with animal friends, of course).

Where to buy it: Yaoyao Ma Van As starting at $10

8. Introvert Dreams coloring book

Introvert Dreams Coloring Book cover

The inspiration behind it: To visually represent the beautiful inner daydream world of an introvert

Why it’s great for introverts: It’s a new kind of coloring book that tells an enchanting story. Featuring 90 colorable pages, this gorgeous book is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt the need for quiet.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $9.96

9. Plum Deluxe Tea of the Month club

The inspiration behind it: To deliver premium, organic loose leaf tea to your door once a month

Why it’s great for introverts: Nothing pairs better with a book and a cozy night in than a warm cup of tea

Where to buy it: Plum Deluxe starting at $35 for a 3-month gift membership

10. The Quiet Rise of Introverts: 8 Practices for Living and Loving in a Noisy World

Quiet Rise of Introverts Brenda Knowles

The inspiration behind it: To show sensitive introverts the beautiful gifts of their nature and help them create and maintain loving and fulfilling relationships

Why it’s great for introverts: It gives sensitive introverts the tools to feel calm and joyful, whether they are single or in a relationship. Through personal stories and neuroscience, it helps sensitive individuals gain personal equanimity and relationship security.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $12.68

11. Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture

The inspiration behind it: To show that extroversion is not synonymous with faithfulness and sociability is not the same as spirituality

Why it’s great for introverts: This is a great read for both church-going introverts or church-avoidant introverts, who are weary of performing like extroverts and who want to practice their faith as themselves.This is the updated, improved, and revised 2017 edition of Introverts in the Church.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $12.72

12. Special Orbits totes, t-shirts, cards, and more

The inspiration behind it: To connect with fellow introverts through a visual language rather than verbal or social language

Why it’s great for introverts: Consider these a quiet “lifestyle protest” against extrovert culture where contemplations about mortality and the reality of being alive are taboo. It’s a way to show the world, in a small and elegant way, that introverts are here—with a sense of style that doesn’t need to be loud to be noticed. All items are made by an introvert, for introverts.

Where to buy it: Special Orbits for $5.50 to $40; use the coupon code introvertdearly for a 20 percent discount storewide

13. Six-Figure Simplified Masterclass

The inspiration behind it: To help solopreneurs gracefully make the leap to entrepreneur freedom. Busyness does not have to be the way to do business.

Why it’s great for introverts: A location-independent online business gives introverts freedom from overwhelm, stress, and powerlessness, while they make a deep and wide impact.

Where to buy it: Ellany Lea starting at $197

14. Branding with Archetypes assessment + coaching session

The inspiration behind it: To help entrepreneurs discover their brand archetype and transform them into an authentic brand they can instantly use

Why it’s great for introverts: Introverts are particularly sensitive to how to come up authentically when engaging with the outer world, and also how to do it in a way that honors their introversion without having to buy into all the rah rah rah. This assessment will reveal how they can use their natural strengths to build a brand and business that capture their spirit, personality and passion–and feel confident about everything they create.

Where to buy it: Maria Arredondo for $247 (assessment + one-on-one 90-minute Connect with the Soul of Your Brand session) when you book through Introvert, Dear before 12/31

15. The INFJ Writer: Cracking the Creative Genius of the World’s Rarest Type

The INFJ Writer

The inspiration behind it: To help INFJ, INFP, and highly sensitive writers embrace their unique intuitive gifts, develop the creative life they’ve always wanted, and get unstuck

Why it’s great for introverts: The new year is right around the corner—it’s just the boost an introverted writer may need to make his or her writing dream finally come true in 2018.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $7.99

16. INFJs in Love

The inspiration behind it: To create a guide that INFJs can use to better understand the benefits and challenges they may experience in relationships with each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types

Why it’s great for introverts: It makes a great gift for the INFJ in your life or for anyone interested in pursuing a relationship with an INFJ. It’s useful for both single INFJs and INFJs in relationships.

Where to buy it: INFJ Blog for $7.99

17. The INFP Book

The INFP book

The inspiration behind it: To connect with INFPs who feel lost in this world and share personal reflections, anecdotes, and lessons learned

Why it’s great for introverts: It’s personal, informative, and insightful. It will help INFPs learn more about the challenges and perks that come with being this misunderstood personality type.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $11.60

18. Introflirted cards, posters, and stickers

The inspiration behind it: To express the flirty things an introvert might think but never say

Why it’s great for introverts: This holiday season, you can tell someone how you really feel.

Where to buy it: Introflirted starting at $1.99 

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