Here’s Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Type as Popular TV Characters

These TV show characters represent the best — and the worst — of each introverted personality type.

As a species, we are drawn to other human beings, be they real or fictional, to whom we can relate. So, here’s a light-hearted list of characters from popular TV shows that each introverted Myers-Briggs personality type will see themselves in — and some they’d rather not!

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ISFJs, the human version of hygge, are highly sentimental and emotional. They want everyone to feel included and happy, and they pride themselves on their excellent memory that allows them to almost literally go back in time. They cherish every special moment and keep them alive forever in their cozy inner world.

The Heroes

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Hilda Spellman — With her eccentric style and love for gardening, Hilda is as wholesome of a worshipper of Satan as one can get. She shows her niece Sabrina much more affection than her sister, Zelda (duh, given Zelda is your typical ESFJ), and is empathetic to everyone she encounters in Spellman Mortuary.

The Man in the High Castle, Juliana Crain — Now that’s the ISFJ who is also the proper lead of the entire series. Sweet and caring, she tends to see the good side in everyone, which is often interpreted as naivety by her friends. For a person who grew up in a country occupied by the powerful Japanese Empire, she seems to trust strangers way too easily.

Slasher: Guilty Party, Dawn Duguin — It was her who planned to hide the body of the girl she and her friends murdered years before to never let their secret out. However, as her character progresses (alongside her remorse and longing for a meaningful relationship with Mark), she is far from the villain of the series. Therefore, the title of the best ISFJ villain goes to…

The Villain

Bates Motel, Norman Bates — Admittedly, characterizing Norman as 100% villain in this brilliant prequel to Hitchcock’s classic Psycho is a bit of a stretch. ISFJs are kind-hearted and responsible, forming extraordinarily strong bonds with the people they love. In Norman’s case, all these traits backfire. Overwhelmed by his responsibilities and toxic relationship with his mother, Norman’s mental state slowly yet steadily deteriorates into bloodshed.


Known as “the Inspector,” ISTJs love order and planning, often preferring to follow already-established paths, due to their deep respect for law and positive traditions. They also believe in responsibility and honesty above all else. Quick to notice effective patterns, they sometimes inadvertently come across as judgmental, but usually are just realists.

The Heroes

LOST, Jin-Soo Kwon — Though too rigid at times and not easy to communicate with (both metaphorically and literally, as he doesn’t speak English at the start of the story), Jin is absolutely loyal, in typical ISTJ fashion. His practical skills speak louder than his words as he frequently helps other survivors when it comes to fishing, fighting, or building the campsite.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Nathaniel — Stanford-educated lawyer and member of a prominent, upper-class family, Nathaniel’s no-nonsense personality doesn’t exactly make him popular, but since moving to West Covina (and, well, falling in love), he slowly discovers the more vulnerable parts of himself. Also, him clutching Rebecca’s stuffed alligator is enough reason to give this show a watch.

The Witcher, Tissaia De Vries — Powerful sorceress, extremely practical and organized, more concerned with results her pupils may achieve than with their feelings (as seen when she practically tells Yennefer to get over herself instead of dwelling on her traumatic past), Tissaia also embraces tradition and structure. 

The Villain

Peaky Blinders, Inspector Chester Campbell — It is really, really difficult not to regard Inspector Campbell as a villain even though he’s fighting a literal gang. Very determined, with little regard for human emotions and deep remorse for not fighting in World War I, he becomes bitter and revengeful.


Independent, creative, and individualistic, ISFPs rarely find themselves in the mundane world around them. Above all, they strive for moral integrity, even when their personal values collide with society. They are the eponym of “artsy” introverts, with strong emotions burning inside that are seldom visible on the outside.

The Heroes

Big Little Lies, Jane Chapman — Sweet, soft-spoken, timid, and seemingly completely maladapted to the predatory world she has to function in, Jane is much tougher than it seems. She’s not quick to trust others, due to her traumatic past, but when she does, she trusts to the death. 

Game of Thrones, Jon Snow — (Disclaimer: Yes, we are going to pretend that terrible last season didn’t happen). Jon is a traditional hero in every sense of the word. Brave, determined, and coming from an unprivileged background, his strong moral code quickly gains him rapport among his fellow members of the Night’s Watch. He proves himself over and over again to be the proper candidate for the king of the Seven Kingdoms with his focus on unity and fighting for the marginalized.

Slasher: Solstice, Xander Lemmon — Xander is a hipster. He quite literally created his own little world in his coffee shop full of super healthy organic sandwiches and fair trade coffee, although customers rarely appreciate his attitude.

The Villain

Once Upon a Time, Ursula — Deeply troubled and determined to prove her father wrong, Ursula turns to the dark side somewhat unwittingly. Very sensitive and initially prone to see the good in everyone — as when she opposed her father in his revenge against all humans — she is deeply hurt by perceived treason of her former allies, especially Hook, to the point she completely forgoes her life as a mermaid.


ISTPs love action and freedom, are highly results-driven, and enjoy building, creating, and composing. Really good at solving complex problems in a hands-on way, they tend to be self-confident, practical, and eager to take risks, though routine bore them quickly.

The Heroes

Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes — With his brilliant mind and hatred for boredom, he does everything he can to keep his mind active, even if ingesting illegal substances is what it takes. He is not the most likeable person in the world, although he’s not a sociopath (as he claims himself). Using his sharp ISTP mind, he solves some of modern-day London’s most complicated criminal cases. He can be an extremely faithful friend and loving brother.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, White Josh — White Josh can be described in one word: wholesome. Perhaps the most sensible character of the entire show, he is also adventurous and unafraid to speak his mind, even though he occasionally comes across as a tad judgmental — for example, when he goes to Mexico to volunteer and strives to create his own energy bar. 

Taboo, James Delaney — A no-nonsense former soldier, Delaney can be ruthless toward people he despises. However, he is also extremely loyal toward people he loves and respects, particularly his half-sister with whom he forms an incestuous relationship. As a freedom-loving ISTP, he has deep hatred for imperialism and strives to protect his mother’s indigenous tribe by all means possible.

The Villain

Penny Dreadful, Hecate Poole — Extremely confident in her abilities, verging on arrogance, her actions are a bit too sudden to turn fully successful. She is highly results-oriented and her yearning for power and freedom from her mother turns out to cost her more than she expected. She is, however, faithful to the promise she gave to Ethan and compassionate towards animals. 


Nicknamed the “Advocate” or the “Idealist,” INFJs tend to focus on the future rather than the present moment. They are super sensitive and have extremely strong intuition as well as empathy, which means they read others like a human lie detector test. Outwardly friendly, they crave quiet alone time and may struggle with conflict, as they never want to let anyone down.

The Heroes

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina Spellman — Caring, thoughtful, and spirited, Sabrina grew up in the world of mortals and struggles to find her place among other witches — typical of INFJs, who often feel like the odd one out, due to the rarity of their personality type. A perfectionist, she has a strong desire to make up for her perceived mistakes, especially toward people she loves like her boyfriend Harvey — which sometimes leads to bad decisions.

Hannibal, Will Graham — Will is extremely empathetic, dangerously so. His empathy allows him to break into the minds of serial killers to successfully trace them. He is also hyper self-aware; in his own words, “It isn’t very smart to piss off a guy who thinks about killing people for a living.”

Penny Dreadful, Vanessa Ives — Fighting demons her entire life, both metaphorically and literally, Vanessa is a lady of great composure who rarely shows her true emotions to the world, even though she feels them strongly — yet she is dead afraid of letting go control over her life due to demonic entities haunting her. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and an empathetic friend who doesn’t turn away from people even when others do (as she did with John Clare).

The Villain

Merlin, Morgana — Originally kind, sweet, and compassionate, Morgana became corrupted by the dark side. Using her future-thinking INFJ abilities, she excels at planning and plotting, though her vulnerable side can still come to light, revealing that she is able to care for people even if she doesn’t necessarily want to.


Sometimes referred to as the “Architect” or the “Strategist,” people with INTJ personalities are highly analytical, creative, and logical. They live in the future, reflecting on their own forward-thinking visions and rich inner world, which tend to be amazingly complex. They tend to be more creative than people give them credit for.

The Heroes

Game of Thrones, Lord Varys — A skilled manipulator and commander of a network of informants across two continents, Lord Varys is the master of survival. But he’s also a faithful friend, despite his stoic and cynical demeanor. Just like every INTJ, he prefers to have the world under his control, and to a large extent, he succeeds, thanks to his piercing intellect.

House M.D., Dr. Gregory House — Cunning and intelligent, Dr. House expects big things from life. Perfectionist, as your usual INTJ, he can also sometimes (well, often) come across as callous, biting, or insensitive. Despite this, he is inwardly sensitive and cares deeply about his patients, using his highly skilled mind to quickly diagnose and treat even the most complicated medical cases.

Penny Dreadful, Henry Jekyll — Though admittedly not a very prominent character, he is one definitely worth waiting for! As his type would suggest, he’s very good at listening and taking criticism. He would happily look at the world through scientific glasses, yet his Indian background that is a subject of mockery among his peers makes him internally vulnerable and revengeful.  

The Villain

American Horror Story: Asylum, Dr. Arthur Arden — Now here is one brilliant and terrifying villain. Not only is he a Nazi criminal, he also conducts horrifying experiments altering human bodies. A lovely man (unironically, unless he’s not fond of you), and a typical INTJ, he is a control-obsessed perfectionist who thinks big and has little regard for outward emotions.

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Dubbed “the Idealist,” INFPs are drawn to poetry and artwork, and they envision a world where there is no persecution of the vulnerable. They are also kind-hearted, optimistic souls who are always eager to help. They tend to react emotionally to conflict and criticism and don’t handle it well. They value close relationships but prefer to live life on their own terms, seeking to make their own path rather than follow that of someone else.

The Heroes

American Horror Story: Coven, Misty Day — An eccentric protector of nature, Misty possesses numerous powerful magical abilities that include reviving the dead and even herself. She is determined to protect animals at all costs. However, she can attach herself strongly to her friends, and in typical INFP fashion, she is not comfortable with competing against them for the title of Supreme.

Game of Thrones, Samwell Tarly — Brave, generous, and compassionate, Sam — though not the best soldier — will risk everything to fight for those he loves. Despite his self-professed cowardice, he is of uncanny value to the people around him due to his thirst for knowledge and intelligence, as well as his willingness to march to the beat of his own drum.

The Haunting of Hill House, Nell Crain — Her emotional vulnerability and desire to escape from the pain of trauma lead her to certain decisions which have dire consequences. Strongly attached to her twin brother, Luke, she is also easily hurt by the world around her.

The Villain

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Spike — Chaotic and erratic, Spike the vampire trickster is still somehow romantic. He doesn’t hate humanity as much as some other vampires do, though he does have a more practical use for it (a.k.a. lunch). And of course, he is part of the star-crossed lovers duo because that’s definitely a thing artsy INFPs would be prone to do. 


INTPs are highly intelligent introverts who love precision, order, and logic — even if their heads always seem lost in the clouds. They see patterns everywhere and are super quick to notice even the smallest inaccuracies. In spite of their seeming childlike curiosity, they hold themselves to high standards, sometimes indeed too high.

The Heroes

Slasher: The Executioner, Dylan Bennett — Despite his calm demeanor, Dylan is extremely observant and intelligent. A great journalist with brilliant analytical skills, his professional ambitions sometimes collide with his love for his wife.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Heather — Though on the surface she is your usual bored millennial, Heather has an immense curiosity about the world around her. Her sarcastic and no-nonsense personality may come across as a bit harsh, but she is able to understand her mistakes.

LOST, John Locke — Strong though fatalistic, John seems to enjoy solving the mysteries of the island more than bonding with his fellow survivors. His analytical skills prove extremely useful in many confrontations. Also, being named after a famous English philosopher and physician definitely adds to his INTP-ness, as this personality type is known as the “Philosophers” or the “Logicians.” 

The Villain

Once Upon a Time, Maleficent — Cold, manipulative, and vengeful, she doesn’t stray from some cruel MALpractices to achieve her goal. Her mastery at hatching and general disregard for people’s feelings prove her intrigues usually successful, as when she, Ursula, and Cruella managed to force Rumplestiltskin to give them Camelot’s magical gauntlet. 

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