INFJ: I Came, I Saw… I Made It Awkward

The INFJ personality type often feels awkward because we can see things few others see. We sense those hidden signals that no one else feels.

This is a feeling I’m sure many of you can relate to. So I’m going to share my own awkward story with you. Not many people know what I am about to tell you. In other words, I feel completely “naked” and exposed. So here goes.

Young and Awkward

All throughout high school, I was bullied. For me, every day was a fight for survival. I felt alone and I didn’t know who to turn to. I would go to school crying, anxious, and afraid. My daily plan was merely to survive and come home. One day, something happened that made me feel like the King of Awkwardness.

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My best friend at that time was also a victim of bullying. One day, I noticed that things were getting out of hand. I saw her, alone in the corner, on the verge of tears. No one saw this but me. I approached her, gave her a hug, and comforted her.

What happened next made me feel as if the ground itself should open beneath me.

The entirety of over one hundred people in the gym started laughing. They were yelling some really bad words. They were mocking us, literally laughing at my face for being “so sensitive.” Over one hundred people, jeering at us like a choir.

A Strangely Good Feeling

What happened in high school deeply affected my behavior for years to come. Instead of becoming angry or bitter, I chose another path—one of kindness and understanding. I knew that my future profession would be to help people.

I know how discouraging it can be to feel awkward for something that cuts to the core of who you are. Believe me, I have experienced it so many times that I lost count.  But, your sensitivity and “awkwardness” can be an asset. Here are the three reasons why:

1. Your empathy and feeling of awkwardness will connect you with the right people. Oh, did I mention that girl from the story became something more than a friend to me after that event?

2. You will gain a deeper level of understanding. You will sense the emotions of others like never before. Please know, not everyone will see this (like those people in the gym). But that’s okay, they don’t need to. The only person who does is you.

3. The desire to help will emerge from you. It will sprout like a wonderful flower, basking in the sun of your own sense that you did the right thing. You made a difference! You will feel not just happy, but also proud that you did something few dare to do.

Whatever awkward situation you may find yourself in, know that you are not alone. There are literally thousands of people worldwide who are facing an awkward moment right now, while you are reading this article. Remember, our strength as INFJs comes from our gorgeous, understanding heart. Use these three strengths I mentioned to convert the feeling of awkwardness into something amazing.

I may still feel like I am the King of Awkwardness sometimes, but at least I know I am proud on my throne. When all else fails, I know that I can never be too awkward for the chosen few I cherish the most. Lastly, I can never feel too awkward for that one person who is always there no matter what: me.

Please feel free share your “awkward” moments and feelings in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

This article originally appeared on the Introvert Spring INFJ Forum. It is republished here with permission from the author.

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