How Introverts Can Build a Peaceful Life in an Extroverted World

An introvert at peace, sitting among trees

In a world that often praises extroversion, I’ve learned to unapologetically embrace my introversion.

After an hour of scrolling on social media, I got up and made my bed, combed my hair, put together some banana oatmeal, and sat down to write this article. I’m at peace. A peace I didn’t have the past two years. 

My cats are meowing around me; I work when they let me. They have a habit of sitting on my keyboard when I’m typing. My cats like attention. Me? I love clean rooms, but more than that, I love the feeling of a no-fuss life. 

Maybe this is because I don’t have many stressors or responsibilities in my life — other than taking care of myself and working toward getting my Ph.D. Although it feels simple, in reality, I’m working hard and learning all I can – so I am at peace with my life.

Finding Peace as an Introvert in Our Extrovert-Centric World

In a world that often values extroversion and constant activity, finding peace as an introvert can be a unique and fulfilling journey. Yes, sometimes I crave adrenaline, though I am generally content with living a calm life. I am grateful for the support I have and for being able to overcome the hardships I’ve encountered. Overall, I’ve managed to create a life that aligns with my introverted nature, providing me with a sense of tranquility and contentment.

Here’s how I’ve created a leisurely, peaceful life for myself as an introvert.

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8 Ways to Find and Maintain Inner Peace as an Introvert

1. Have friends who “get” you — and hold them close.

As an introvert, I value quality over quantity. Yes, I enjoy having friends who do impromptu things, go on adventures with me, and push me out of my comfort zone. 

But I am glad to have friends who “get” me, the ones who have been there for me through thick and thin, the ones who can talk with me about anything and everything. Although I’m an introvert who loves spending time alone, their support has added a lot of peace into my life. Even introverts need friends, too.

2. Be okay with the current version of yourself.

This is something I am currently struggling with: accepting myself completely.

I think many of us glorify the younger versions of ourselves who seemed to be more put-together. But I am learning to let that version go and be okay with who I am now. I try to remind myself of all the positive things I am doing: taking care of myself, building up my finances, and taking steps toward self-love. One step at a time, right? (And believing “this, too, shall pass” on the not-as-good days.)

Still, accepting the current version of myself has been a journey of growth. I’ve learned that comparing my present self to past versions can be counterproductive. Embracing my strengths and accepting my weaknesses has allowed me to focus on personal growth and self-improvement, rather than longing for who I once was.

3. Be as independent as possible to bolster your sense of self and peace.

I can’t overstate the importance of being independent and connecting my peace with the sense of dependence I have on myself. Independence has become synonymous with peace for me. 

For example, even though I live with my parents, I cook my own breakfast and take care of my own finances. I dream of more freedom, but I also love spending time with my parents. 

Sure, I would love to move into my own place and travel every month. But I am quite content right now, knowing that I am working on my Ph.D. and building my life. The freedom I currently have empowers me to build my life at my own pace and pursue my dreams, all while appreciating the comfort of home.

4. Do work you love and are passionate about. 

I am a part-time researcher and part-time writer. I love physics and learning the deepest secrets of our worlds. I get to discover new things about the universe, meet researchers, and know what is happening in the community. On the other hand, I get the freedom to work on my time, in my own way, being creative and writing.

I believe that finding a balance between your work and personal life is crucial for inner peace. It’ll help you thrive and feel less overwhelmed.

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5. Create a solid relationship with yourself.

The most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself, so be sure to nurture it.

For example, I take myself for walks in nature, play my favorite musical instruments, paint, watch my favorite reruns of TV shows, you name it. All this is a way to show myself that I care about myself. 

I can’t imagine an introvert having a peaceful life unless they have established a solid relationship with themselves and have created a life that revolves around what makes them truly happy and calm. Engaging in activities that bring me joy serves as a reminder that self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity. These moments of self-indulgence recharge me and keep me connected to my inner world.

6. Set and uphold boundaries, like your need for alone time.

Even as a peace-loving introvert, I am very vocal about my boundaries and firm when it comes to going after what I want. Speaking up for myself took some time to get used to, but I’ve learned that life is too short to let people push me into doing things I do not want. So if I want (and need) alone time, I’ll take it!

Communicating my needs openly and honestly ensures that I am surrounded by people who respect and appreciate me for who I am. This practice has created a space where I feel understood and accepted.

7. Don’t be bothered by people who call you “aloof” or “weird.” 

This is the biggest thing of all — I am no longer bothered if someone thinks I’m aloof, weird, or any other introvert stereotype. I’ve accepted it. I know my introversion and I love it. 

I can be charming when I need to be, but I’ll never take center stage. I can be outgoing, too… well, sometimes, and mostly around people I love. 

Anyone who can’t understand my predispositions is okay to take whatever stance they want. I am rude? I’ll take that. I am shy? I am okay with it. I am weird? Hell, yeah! I am

As I grew older, these judgments bothered me less and less. Over time, I’ve learned the importance of being authentic and myself. Always. 

8. Be at peace with all facets of your world. 

We introverts have a tendency to daydream and create our own magical worlds. Sure, my actual world may be smaller than that of an extrovert’s, but it’s a world l like and enjoy. It’s peaceful. I am done comparing my life to that of others. Instead, I focus all my energy on my dreams and things I want to experience in this life.

In a world that often praises extroversion, I’ve learned to unapologetically embrace my introversion. Being myself has freed me from societal expectations and judgments, and I no longer feel the need to conform to extroverted norms. Rather, I find comfort and strength in my unique disposition.

Crafting a peaceful life as an introvert has been a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. In a world that often celebrates hustle and bustle, finding peace as an introvert is a beautiful reminder that embracing one’s authentic self can lead to a fulfilling and serene existence.

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