24 Cartoons That Introverts (Especially INFJs) Will Relate To

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, author of Text, Don’t Call, created INFJoe Cartoons to help other INFJs not feel so alone. He tells me, “I wanted to encourage other INFJs, particularly younger ones, who may feel out of place like I have all my life. I remember how tough it was growing up. Still is.” But even introverts who are not INFJs will likely relate to his cartoons, which explore the joys and challenges of living the quiet life.

Aaron was born and raised in California but has lived with his INFP wife on the East Coast for almost three decades. He works as a graphic designer but says he’s a painter and poet by heart.

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To INFJs, he says, “Be true to yourselves, be good to yourselves. You’re wired a particular way, fashioned according to a particular design, so use it to do good, to do that which only you can do.”

His cartoons show how life can be both wonderful and painful when you’re an introvert and INFJ:

1. You love people, but being around them for too long drains you.

2. You define “fun” differently.



3. Many people don’t understand your need for alone time.



4. Some days, you just wish everyone would leave you alone.



5. People tell you to “come out of your shell,” but that doesn’t change who you are.



6. Spending time alone is far from boring — it’s how you relax and recharge.



7. If you could actually get one of these installed, maybe then people would understand.



8. Crowds aren’t your thing.



9. Small talk with strangers? You’ll avoid it if you can!



10.  A little peace and quiet is all you want.



11. This makes total sense to you.

INFJoe 3


12. You read others well and intuitively understand the things that go unspoken.



13. Underneath your calm exterior is a rich, emotional world.



14. You’re always thinking. Always.



15. Sometimes you torture yourself by using your vivid imagination to replay your mistakes.



16. Talking about yourself, especially with people you don’t know well, is uncomfortable.



17. You don’t let just anybody into your life.



18. You’re still trying to find your place in the world.



19. Even you don’t understand yourself sometimes.



20. Let’s just say being an INFJ is complicated.



21. If you’re highly sensitive, you feel emotions deeply.



22. You live to connect intimately with others.



23. Because you’re interested in almost everyone you meet.



24. Relationship goals: sharing solitude with someone else.



You can find more INFJoe cartoons in Text, Don’t Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life.

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  • Penny says:

    These are absolutely perfect! I’m saving this so I can come look at these cartoons anytime I am feeling like there is something wrong with me. I am XNFX so I relate to most of these. 🙂

  • I am an EXTROVERT! By any measure. BUT(!) I also need lots of “down time”…there are days that go by, that I rarely go out the door! thank goodness for hurricane shutters…no one knows I’m home!

  • bla says:

    Yes. Introverts are not inherently defective. That is just the way they are. And better off being that way, than people trying to change them into something else, just makes them a worse thing.

    • INFJs are extremely sensitive and are quite perceptive about others. Society is way too quick to label and judge what they don’t understand, and using society as a measurement of normalcy is a horrible gage to use anyway. Being an INFJ is a rough road at times, but it can also be very rewarding too – we are the counselors, the healers, people gravitate to them in times of need.

  • Dian says:

    I really can relate to those pictures.

  • These are great! I’m sharing them with my husband. He has a tough time getting #24. There are a couple of others I’m tempted to tape up in my work area, but I doubt anyone there would get it.

  • Chuck Walker says:

    Just as I always suspected, I’m ok the way I am. Thanks for bringing that to light.

  • Krystal says:

    Thank you for this. Explains it all perfectly

  • These are so applicable to me! Especially numbers 3, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 22, 23… lol

  • Mo says:

    Why do we need to have labels for ourselves? Introvert, Extrovert, INFJ. We are all individuals, many of whom need time alone but also may enjoy going to a party and being around friends. These cartoons are nice but why pigeon hole yourself to being one thing or another. The rest of the people on this planet are really not all that different.

    • Kirk Beres says:

      But personalities, needs, wants, ideals, outlook…they *are* very different from person to person, every reality is subjective. The identification of differences shouldn’t be seen as inherently negative. The point of these “labels” isn’t to divide, but rather to aid in understanding.

      If I had to guess, i’d say that there’s a good chance you’re actually quite extroverted, which is, of course, considered the “social norm”, so perhaps these labels don’t make as much sense in that context.

      (Forgive me if my assumption is wrong). 🙂

  • M. says:

    #16 omg! As a quite reserved introvert this is literally my worst nightmare; Sitting in a social circle with all the attention on me while everyone is expecting me to tell personal stuff about myself. I feel very very uncomfortable. Give me one or two people to introduce myself to and I feel a lot better about! Not this spotlight thing. No spotlight, thank you very much. I’d appreciate if we just all gently skipped that part!

  • Alexis says:

    I think it’s misleading to link normal introverts to INFJs, they’re not the same. INFJs are professional introverts who act like extroverts, neither shy nor awkward. they know how to handle themselves, they end up getting the hang of it and not needing or wishing they “had an instruction manual”.

  • I.kd30 says:

    that is awesome this is really me while i thought it was a disease it was just an INFJ

  • I LOVE these cartoons!! Brilliant and hilariously on point.

  • Grace says:

    These cartoons are SPOT ON even for an ISFJ like me.

  • Vine says:

    Described perfectly 🙂

  • Carol says:

    I really need these tonight, they are so true… 🙂

  • I am an INTJ but I can relate to everything here.

  • Nooren says:

    These are really wonderful! The struggle is very real!

  • What do the initials STAND FOR? I looked through it all and cannot find them. INFJ. I was a loner in school. I try to socialize, but am very awkward.

    • yasyfinoo says:

      [I] Introvert [N] Intuitive [F] Feeling [J] Judging. I am an INFJ too, i think you have to be more confident about yourself. I think you can do it.

  • Daisy says:

    I’m an INFP and an HSP. I can relate to almost all of these cartoons. Really, the only difference between an INFP and an INFJ is that one likes to write and follow lists, while one has a very difficult time following lists, though there may be more that I am unaware of. Thank you for the cartoons. They are awesome and brought some depth of meaning to my day!!

  • Waseem Safdar says:

    OMG! I’m getting so freaking emotional seeing the truth these pictures depict about me and ofcourse other INFJs out there!!

  • Shelly says:

    Omgosh, this is SO incredibly true and hilarious. I literally LOL’d a great deal throughout, thank you for the enjoyment and posting of these cartoons. 🙂

  • lonimee says:

    phewwww, now I feel normal. am INFJ. I’m not weird.

  • ILENE says:

    I thought of sending this to my supervisor. She discusses my personality in my Performance Appraisal. She clearly doesn’t understand who I am and wants me to be different. Sadly, even if she read this, I don’t think it would make any difference and worse I don’t think her comments have any place in such a meeting.

  • Yoyes says:

    I relate so much to these pictures. It really feels good to find this kind of posts. 😀

  • Love these cartoons … Every time I meet someone new, especially a man, I get asked: What do you do for fun? If I can’t change the subject, I usually say that what I do for fun, most people consider boring. Then I ask the questioner about their idea of fun.

    I definitely relate to the desire to be alone … together. No TV on (unless it’s football season!), please NO MUSIC, just QUIET, thank you very much.

    I’m actually quite talkative, about all kinds of things — and I can make small talk with the best of any extrovert, until it becomes apparent that there isn’t anything deeper coming from the other person — except for when I’m tired or have been overstimulated for awhile. But of all the things I enjoy most when in a relationship, is shared quiet.

  • jesusdidntgiveuponme says:

    This is SO me!!

  • Smitten Smitty says:

    Thank you for these cartoons….they help a lot

  • Kailey says:

    These are the most perfect descriptions ever. 👌

  • Emily Markulis says:

    re #9: unfortunately, this introvert got suckered into ushering at her church several years ago and now feels guilty wanting to quit because said church is short on ushers :(.