24 Cartoons That Will Deeply Resonate With Introverts (Especially INFJs)

a cartoon of two introverts loving being alone together

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, author of Text, Don’t Call, created INFJoe Cartoons to help other INFJs not feel so alone. In one of our email conversations, he told me, “I wanted to encourage other INFJs, particularly younger ones, who may feel out of place like I have all my life. I remember how tough it was growing up. Still is.” But even introverts who are not INFJs will deeply relate to his cartoons, which explore the joys and challenges of living the quiet life.

Aaron was born and raised in California but has lived with his INFP wife on the East Coast for almost three decades. He works as a graphic designer but says he’s a painter and poet by heart.

To INFJs, he says, “Be true to yourselves, be good to yourselves. You’re wired a particular way, fashioned according to a particular design, so use it to do good, to do that which only you can do.”

His cartoons show how life can be both wonderful and painful when you’re an introvert and an INFJ. Here are 24 of them.

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Cartoons That Will Deeply Resonate With Introverts

1. You care about the people in your life, and enjoy spending time with them in shorter bursts, but let’s face it, being around anyone for too long drains you.


2. As an introvert, you define “fun” differently than most people.


3. Unfortunately, sometimes even those closest to you don’t “get” your need for alone time.


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4. Honestly, this situation doesn’t even look that crazy to you.


5. People tell you to “come out of your shell,” but that doesn’t change who you really are.


6. For you, spending time alone is far from boring — it’s how you relax and recharge.


7. If you could actually get one of these installed, maybe then people would understand!


8. As an introvert, crowds — and surprises — just aren’t your thing.


9. Uncomfortable small talk with strangers? You’ll avoid it if you can!


10.  This cartoon is the honest truth.


11. And that’s why this cartoon makes complete sense to you.

INFJoe 3

12. If you’re an INFJ (or similar introverted personality type), you read others well and intuitively understand the things that go unspoken.


13. Underneath your calm exterior is a rich, emotional world.


14. You’re always thinking. Always.


15. If you’ve ever laid awake at night replaying something embarrassing you did… five years ago… then this cartoon makes complete sense.


16. Private by nature, you don’t open up to just anybody.


17. And you don’t let just anybody into your life.


18. Frankly, you’re still trying to find your place in the world.


19. Even you don’t understand yourself sometimes.


20. Let’s just say that being an introvert and an INFJ is complicated.


21. If you’re a highly sensitive person (70 percent of HSPs are introverts), you feel things deeply. Very deeply.


22. You live to connect intimately with others.


23. Because you do care — intensely — even when others don’t see that.


24. Your relationship goals: sharing solitude with someone.


Want more cartoons? Check out Aaron’s book, Text, Don’t Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life.

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