8 career ideas for introverts {infographic}

Being an introvert affects all aspects of our lives — including what career we choose.

Although there’s never going to be a perfect job, in general, when our jobs allow us to use our natural strengths, the work may feel easier and more satisfying.

As introverts, some of our natural strengths are the ability to focus for long periods of time, work independently, think creatively and analytically, notice mistakes that others miss, communicate well in writing, and exude calm.

When our careers demand that we act in ways that go against our natural temperament — such as being in loud, busy environments for long periods of time or having to socialize a lot — we can feel drained and exhausted. On the other hand, some careers are perfect for introverts.

According to Career Assessment Site, here is how temperament affects us on the job and at school, along with career ideas and salary information for both introverts and extroverts:


Image credit: Deviant Art (carrusel)

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