11 Comforting Things Introverts Would Love to Hear

An introvert talking to a friend

Pointing out an introvert’s strengths — like telling them what a great listener they are — can go a long way.

We introverts tend to overthink things… a lot. Some days, we’re basking in all our introvert strengths — like how well we can focus on tasks and what a good listener we are — yet other days, we’re feeling insufficient and as though no one “gets” us.

The reason this happens is that we fail to continuously remind ourselves of all our introvert perks — especially since we live in a world that seems to favor extroverts and overlook us introverts. But just because we’re “quiet” doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to say or contribute to society. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

So, without further ado, here are some comforting things I’d love to hear as an introvert.

11 Comforting Things Introverts Would Love to Hear 

1. “I love how real you are.”

If you’re wondering how to tell an introvert you love how authentic they are, the statement above is the best way to go about it. It shows that you appreciate the genuineness of our character and truly enjoy being around us. 

This statement is particularly exceptional because it reminds us introverts of what makes us unique. Sure, we may hate small talk, but once we start talking (preferably one-on-one or among our inner circle), we’ll have a meaningful conversation, actively listen, and be real with you.

2. “You have an awesome personality.”

Talking about the perks of being an introvert is one way you can get an introvert to like you. For example, you can praise the exceptionality of being quiet or mention how being an introvert is all the more useful in today’s world because of their insightful, purpose-driven, and down-to-earth natures.

You don’t necessarily need to know everything about the introverted personality to fall in love with it. Merely observing any introvert in your life will give you reasons to appreciate them, from the way they value their friendships to their empathetic sides.

Tell them how amazing they are, even in the smallest ways. You’ll certainly hit a soft spot with them this way.

3. “I love the way you think.”

Appreciating an introvert’s thought process is another way to their heart — it’s the major aspect of their personality that makes them stand out from the crowd. It’s because we think… and think… and then overthink… and overthink. So by the time all this thinking is done, just know we put a lot into it. 

4. “You always know exactly what to say.”

The intuitive nature of introverts is rather impressive. Introverts think carefully before speaking and make sure others will benefit from what they say vs. just saying the first thing that pops into their head. 

Any introvert would appreciate hearing that they know exactly what to say. And, inadvertently, it will probably encourage the introverts in your life to open up more often.

5. “I love how unique you are.”

Some of us introverts may struggle to feel confident in their quiet skin, and this is where telling us you love how unique we are can help give us a self-esteem boost. For instance, you can tell an introvert friend that you love how detail-oriented they are, or that you admire their observant natures.

It will also remind us to stay true to our authentic natures and dispel the pressure to blend in just because society seems to promote extroversion.

6. “You’re someone I can trust.”

Since introverts tend to have a few close friends instead of a hundred acquaintances, you can trust them with whatever you tell them — if you’re friends, you’re probably in their inner circle.

They avoid superficiality and crave meaning in everything they do, including friendships.

Acknowledging you can trust them helps them acknowledge their honest natures. It’s also how to get an introvert to open up and become an even closer friend.

7. “I’d love to hear your opinion on this.”

Every introvert can relate to fading into the background in a crowd. When someone notices them and acknowledges their opinions, it’s all the more special. 

Asking for an introvert’s views quickly eliminates the misconception that they’re shy or not knowledgeable about things. They do open up — but it has to be under the right circumstances, like with a trusted friend or two, not being the center of attention among many people or having to talk about something they’re not passionate about… like small talk.

The mere fact that you value their opinion will make them cherish you. It also gives quiet people a chance to showcase their raw talent and thought-provoking natures.

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8. “You’re a great listener.”

We “quiet ones” often tend to keep the spotlight on others as much as possible. In a conversation, we prefer to listen to others rather than try to gain the most (or any) attention. 

The more we listen, the more we understand people, which helps us build more in-depth relationships with others. Plus, we’ll remember nearly every word (and ask you about it later on, whether it’s the next day, the next week, or the next month). 

Pointing out our great listening skills also shows your ability to perceive things. Most people tend to assume we are quiet because we have nothing to say (which is not true). So when you acknowledge our listening skills, we’ll appreciate it.

9. “I’m glad I met you.”

Telling an introvert that you’re glad you met them will indeed make their day. It’s even better when you mention how great they are as a friend or partner. It proves how special they are, and highlights how much you value their reserved, yet trustworthy, character.

The best part about this statement is that it encourages the introvert to maintain what makes them unique. Sometimes, we introverts get worked up about our personality and how it affects our relationships with others. Saying this only proves we’re doing something right, and that we should continue doing it.

10. “Are you comfortable?”

Introverts may feel  uneasy in social situations. They might get even quieter and fail to communicate this to you. Being sensitive enough to sense when an introvert is uncomfortable makes you an angel in disguise. It goes against the apathetic nature of most individuals and communicates that you’re truly looking out for them. 

Making an effort to make situations more comfortable for your introvert friend will make them happy. This is because introverts crave solace more than anything else, and love when others try to accommodate their reserved natures.

If you bring an introvert friend to a party and can tell they are not comfortable, ask. Or leave with them. Maybe they want alone time, and if you can pick up on this, they’ll be eternally grateful.

11. “We don’t have to stay too long.”

Introvert hangovers are often overlooked, but occur more frequently than people realize. They happen when an introvert reaches their limit for socializing; in essence, they’re burnt out on people.

Being aware of a quiet person’s tendency to have social burnout shows compassion and makes you an amazing human being. You’re conscious of what might happen when your introvert friend engages in an activity for too long, and you look out for them. 

If you’re wondering how to make an introvert cherish your friendship, catering to their comfort limits is your best bet.

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