13 Valentine’s Day Cards That Introverts Might Actually Fall For

a Valentine's Day card for an introvert

Any introvert would probably love to give or receive these funny and sarcastic Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day can be tricky, especially if you’re an introvert. Introverts tend to be reserved about their feelings, so expressing love on Valentine’s Day can feel awkward and forced.

Plus, the mushy, over-the-top sentiments of Valentine’s Day might be too much for the introvert’s subtle tastes. To help, here are 13 funny Valentine’s Day cards that any introvert would probably love to give or receive. I hope they make you chuckle a bit — but to yourself, quietly, of course.

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Valentine’s Day Cards for Introverts

1. Because not everyone is awful.

2. Because only most people suck.

3. Here’s one for the introvert who’s on the nerdy side.

4. And here’s one for the book-loving introvert who reads classics like Pride and Prejudice.

5. But there’s a fine line between literary and creepy.

6. Here’s a valentine card for the introvert who’s always in their head.

7. And here’s one for the introvert-introvert couple.

8. If you’re an introvert who’s not sure what type of relationship you’re in but you don’t want to ask, get this valentine card.

9. Because introverts are masters of subtlety.

10. Here’s the perfect valentine for the person you can actually be yourself around.

Socially acceptable Valentine's Day card for introverts

11. Because introverts have great imaginations.

12. Because “love” is a strong word.

13. Here’s the perfect valentine to give the person who you can spend a lot of time with and not get an introvert hangover.

Introverts, which cards are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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