13 Valentine’s Day Cards for Introverts

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Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday for introverts. If there is someone special in your life, you may struggle to tell them how much they mean to you. We’re introverts, we usually keep our feelings on lock-down. Plus, the mushy, over-the-top sentiments of Valentine’s Day can be too much for our subtle tastes. So, here are 13 silly or sarcastic Valentine’s Day cards that might make it easier for you to say what you mean. And make you giggle — but to yourself, quietly.

1. Because not everyone is the worst.


2. Because most people suck.


3. For the introvert who’s on the nerdy side.


4. For the book-loving introvert who actually reads classics like Pride and Prejudice.


5. But there’s a fine line between literary and creepy.

6. For the introvert who’s always in their head.


7. For the introvert-introvert couple.



8. For the introvert who isn’t sure what type of relationship they’re in and doesn’t want to ask.


9. Because introverts are masters of subtlety.


10. For the person you can actually be yourself around.ddde3978bd61e78a897fe0d00bcd5c30


11. Because introverts have great imaginations.


12. Because “love” is a strong word.


13. For someone you can spend a lot of time with and not get an introvert hangover.

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