These new emojis, called Introji, help introverts communicate their needs

Sometimes it’s hard for us introverts to communicate our needs in the moment, whether we want to be left alone or leave the party right now. Designer Rebecca Lynch hopes to change that with her creation—Introji, which are emojis for introverts.

Lynch, an introvert, was in a relationship with a fellow introvert who needed more space than she did. The more she reached out to her boyfriend, the more he seemed to withdraw. She created Introji to be a system for her and her boyfriend to better communicate their respective needs, she tells I, D.

"Out of power."
“Out of power.”
I'm charging.
“I’m charging.”
"Fully charged!"
“Fully charged!”

Ultimately, the relationship ended, but Lynch continued working on her designs, thinking Introji would help introverts in all kinds of situations.

Emojis are small digital icons used to express an emotion or idea in electronic communication. “Emojis are usually about social activities, like going out, dancing, and having drinks, rather than quiet activities like reading or watching movies,” Lynch says. Like many introverts, she’d rather text than call, and emojis give context to messages. But the “quiet activities” that she and other introverts prefer weren’t represented among the current emojis.

"Shhh, reading."
“Shhh, reading.”
"Shh, listening."
“Shh, listening.”
"Shh, working/gaming."
“Shh, working/gaming.”
"I'm in my bubble and I'm OK!"
“I’m in my bubble and I’m OK!”

The other purpose, she says, involves “letting people know that I need space, or conversely that I’d want to give them space while still letting them know I care.”

"Giving you space."
“Giving you space.”
"Giving you time."
“Giving you time.”
"No to the invite, but thank you."
“No to the invite, but thank you.”

There are also some distress calls included in the series.

"I'm in my bubble and I can't get out."
“I’m in my bubble and I can’t get out.”
"I'm worried about the number of people."
“I’m worried about the number of people.”
"Going away."
“Going away.”
"Leaving the party."
“Leaving the party.”

The emojis are still in the development phase, and Lynch encourages anyone who’s interested to make suggestions on her community Facebook page, where she has over 30 designs.

One of Lynch’s favorite Introji designs: the “togetherness” Introji, “which represents the delicate balance of quiet time and companionship I imagined when creating the designs.”

"Let's sit quietly and do our own thing."
“Let’s sit quietly and do our own thing.”

UPDATE (4/4/15): Rebecca Lynch is asking all Introji supporters to donate money in any amount to fund the creation of an Introji app that will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Visit the Introji campaign on Indiegogo before May 7 to donate.

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