A travel experience for introverts, by introverts

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Lisa Avebury is the creator of Sacred Introvert, an organization that helps introverts embrace their true natures and debunks myths about introversion. Lisa talked to I, D about an upcoming retreat tour she’s planing for introverts to Glastonbury, England.

I, D: You’re about to embark on your first Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour to Glastonbury England this May. What inspired you to create the tour?

Lisa: My own love of travel, and the realization that having adventures on my own has saved me more than once. Travel feeds the soul, and I was blessed with a willingness to travel on my own. But I also know that some introverts may not be as open to that. I began to think about combining the idea of retreat and tour, and creating it around introverts. Then things began to fall into place like it was meant to be.

I, D: The tour is a “travel experience for introverts by introverts.” How will the Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour cater to introverts, and what do you hope introverts will find?

Lisa: We have the most amazing location — a retreat house on 36 acres of green space that includes a ruined 7th century abbey that is reputedly the final resting place of King Arthur! It’s in a little town called Glastonbury in England’s West Country. It’s full of mystical sites. I’ve been going there since 1995, and it’s a second home to me.

Everything is designed to support what an introvert craves. The accommodations are booked exclusively for our group, and everyone has their own room. All meals and tours are included, but you are never obligated to participate in anything. Excursions will be every other day, with the opposite day being a “local day” to have time to recharge in the peaceful setting of the abbey, in town, or in the neighboring village.

There is lots to do, if that’s what you want, and lots of ways to just be still. I will be offering informal group meditation and yoga on local days, and we will have some nighttime excursions as well.

I hope people have a life-changing experience. That’s how much I think travel can impact you. I also hope that people will come away with new friends. Being able to be with a group of like-minded folks on a trip is powerful. Also, let’s not forget about fun. We all need it, and it’s healthy — so fun is definitely on the agenda.

I, D: Are you planning any more tours in the future to different destinations?

Lisa: My goal is to offer more tours for introverted travelers to new destinations far and wide, and to offer more local opportunities, as well as international opportunities. India is on that list. I’m also hoping that the Glastonbury experience will be something that will happen every year or so.

I, D: How are you feeling about this next step for Sacred Introvert?

Lisa: I believe the universe is conspiring for good and supporting the growth of Sacred Introvert Retreat Tours. Of course, anytime you start something new there is risk, but I feel the risk is worth it. I truly believe we are here to be of service and to help each other. Sacred Introvert Retreat Tours is a passion. It is making me personally stretch beyond my own boundaries of comfort. There have been some bumps along the way, but more than anything, I feel happy and excited about the possibilities for everyone involved.

For more information about the Sacred Introvert Retreat tour, click here.

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