14 things introverts are sick of hearing during the holidays

Sure, everyone can get stressed during the holidays, but if you’re an introvert you have it particularly rough. Here are 14 things we get told ad nauseum during the holiday season—and some illustrations that sum up exactly how we feel.

    1. “You’re not going shopping on Black Friday? But the deals are so good!”


      All those people at 3 a.m.? No.

    2. “Are you coming to the Christmas party? Are you coming to the Christmas party? ARE YOU COMING TO THE CHRISTMAS PARTY?”


      Pressuring me does not make me want to go more.

    3. “Here, open this present in front of everyone.”


      Great, I love attention!

    4. “Don’t be such a Grinch. The holidays are the best time of the year!”

      Maybe if you’re an extrovert.

    5. “Honey, why don’t we host Thanksgiving dinner?”


      People? At my house?

    6. “You can’t be alone during the holidays.”


      But alone feels so good.

    7. “I don’t know why we don’t get together like this more often.”


      I know why.

    8. “It’s only your aunts, uncles, your cousins and their significant others, their kids, some friends, and the neighbors from across the street.”


      More than three people = I don’t want to go.

    9. “You’re not required to come to the office holiday party, but everyone will be there.”


      Socializing on a Saturday with people I have to see during the week? No.

    10. “If you don’t come to the party, you’ll feel like you’re missing out.”


      Missing what? Boring small talk?

    11. “You would have someone to bring home for the holidays if you tried online dating.”


      Because finding the love of my life is that easy.

    12. If you do bring your significant other to a family gathering: “When are you getting married?” or “When are you having kids?”


      That’s none of your business.

    13. “It’s New Years Eve, you  have to stay out until midnight.”

      But there is also my bed.

    14. “You’re leaving the party already?”


      Just let me go.

 What we want to hear…

“Let’s have an intimate, meaningful celebration with just a few people so we can focus on what really matters.”

Image credit: Deviant Art

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