What It’s Like for Each Introverted Myers & Briggs Type to Date During Lockdown

an introverted myers-briggs personality type dates during lockdown

So Syncd, a new app that matches you based on your Myers & Briggs personality type, is helping introverts find love.

Dating has changed a lot throughout its time. The movement toward online dating at the turn of this century completely transformed the way people find love — but no change to modern dating has been more sudden than that caused by COVID-19. 

When coronavirus struck, my sister and I had just launched So Syncd, the first dating app and website based on matching compatible Myers & Briggs personality types. We spent many a night debating whether people would use dating apps more or less during lockdown. Would people still be interested in dating when the headlines were so scary? Or could online dating help ease the loneliness that so many of us felt, cut off from our friends and regular routines? There were valid arguments on both sides.

Turns out, people used So Syncd significantly more during lockdown, and many people have found committed relationships on So Syncd since the end of March. We surveyed our members, and over half said that dating apps helped reduce feelings of loneliness during social distancing.

And yes, many of the people who said that were introverts.

Of course, dating during lockdown has very real challenges, but it also presents unique opportunities. We asked some of the introverts on So Syncd about their experiences. Here’s what they said, based on their Myers & Briggs personality type.

What It’s Like for Each Introvert to Date During Lockdown

INFJ — More time to connect before getting physical

The pandemic has forced a slower start to dating, but this lack of pressure to meet up in person has actually been a huge relief for many introverts — especially INFJs, who thrive on building relationships slowly in a deep, meaningful way. Becky, an INFJ from the U.S., said: “I have liked it! Screening people through video chat is something I wanted to do even before lockdown. I have liked getting to know people purely based on our conversations.”

Becky added: “Of course, physical touch is still an important part of dating.” The upside to virtual dating is INFJs get more time to connect mind-to-mind first, which can make the physical aspect even more satisfying when it does happen.

INFP — It’s easier to go deep

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has been tragic and shocking. But if there’s one silver lining (and optimistic INFPs can always find the silver lining!), it’s that this global event has brought people together in some pretty big ways. It’s playing a significant role in everyone’s life right now, which can make it easier to relate. Sam, an INFP from the UK said: “I’ve found it easier to form deeper connections in lockdown. It’s quite something to know that we’re all in a similar situation. How often does that happen? Absolutely everyone has something in common right now.”

Even though not everyone is in the exact same situation, there are many aspects of the pandemic that everyone can relate to, and INFPs thrive on that sense of harmony.

INTJ — Less rush to meet up in person

Many introverts have enjoyed the lack of pressure to meet up in person, and INTJs are no exception. INTJs — known for their love of efficiency — often crave meaningful connections with others but don’t want to waste time on people who won’t last. Joel, an INTJ from the UK, said: “I have liked that there has been no pressure to meet up. I like to meet up eventually, but I’m in no rush. I think I enjoy getting to know people by messaging on dating apps more than most people — the urge to meet in person doesn’t come until further down the line for me.”

With some countries moving out of lockdown, this is now changing to some extent, but a number of people still remain cautious and would prefer to get to know someone better before meeting in person.

INTP — Bigger things to talk about

INTPs are known for their love of philosophy, science and any subject that takes a wider view of the world. They shun small talk, because to the intellectually curious INTP, chitchat is pretty boring. One of the benefits of something as dramatic as COVID-19 being in the spotlight has meant that people move on to bigger topics more quickly. Ben, an INTP from the U.S., said: “I can’t stand small talk. I just can’t do it. I’ve found that since I’ve been using So Syncd in lockdown, people are quicker to want to talk about deeper topics, which really suits me.”

For example, Ben thinks the pandemic has shifted people’s perspectives on work and life — a subject he enjoys discussing with potential dates. 

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ISFJ — More focus on long-term compatibility

Physical attraction has had to take a step back during lockdown, which can be tough for the snuggle-loving ISFJ. The upside is there’s more focus on building a stable foundation, something the traditional and committed ISFJ needs to thrive in any relationship. Juan, an ISFJ from Mexico, said: “I think it’s actually really nice being able to focus more on personality. Sometimes looks can get in the way and you get caught up in the physical attraction. The risk of this happening is a lot lower right now, and it enables people to focus on what really matters — long-term compatibility.”

ISTJ — A virtual date in under 30 minutes

There’s the added convenience that virtual dates can happen from the comfort of your own home, saving time, energy, and money — and if there’s one thing ISTJs love, it’s efficiency! Martin, an ISTJ from the Netherlands, said: “I’ve found virtual dating to be incredibly efficient. Including traveling time, an in-person date takes a minimum of 2-3 hours out of my day, often more. It costs money, and it’s energy-draining for me as an introvert. Now, after connecting on the app, I can do a virtual date in 30 minutes for free.”

Martin also said he hopes that virtual dating continues after social distancing ends so he doesn’t waste time on unsuccessful dates.

ISFP — Virtual dates encourage creativity

It might sound counterintuitive, but limitations can actually help creativity rather than hinder it — and no introverted type loves getting creative more than the artistic ISFP. Maria, an ISFP from the U.S., said: “Dating during lockdown has been fun for me! It’s inspired me to be more creative with how I connect with people. Recently, I had a virtual date where I taught someone how to paint by video. I’ve never done that before, and I’m pretty sure he hadn’t either! I think that, because it was a new experience for both of us, it actually helped build our connection.”

Working within boundaries can challenge people to think outside the box. From virtual art dates to virtual Netflix marathons, ISFPs are finding that doing things differently can be fun.

ISTP — Easier to start conversations

If you struggle to know what to say when sending that first message on a dating app, you’re not alone. This can be daunting for anyone, but especially for ISTPs, who thrive on getting out and doing rather than sitting around talking. But ISTPs like Amine from France are finding that COVID-19 acts as an easy conversation starter. He said: “I sometimes just don’t know what to say in that initial message on a dating app, but I’ve found that COVID-19 has made it easier. I usually ask about how they’re finding lockdown, or if I’m chatting with someone who lives in a different country, I ask them what’s happening there.”

It automatically gives everyone something interesting to talk about, which can be a relief for introverts, who want to connect but sometimes find it hard to start a conversation.

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