Introvert Quote of the Week: July 13

We love this sassy quote from Sophia Dembling about how introverts don’t actually hate people:

Except for the misanthropes among us (and there are probably misanthropic extroverts, too), introverts are not anti-people, as some people infer. That’s quite a leap to make, isn’t it? I don’t eat tuna salad every day, that doesn’t mean I’m anti–tuna salad. If I wanted to get persnickety about it, I could make a case that introverts are more genuinely people-oriented than extroverts because we’re always on the lookout for connections and conversations, whereas extroverts are content with noise and chatter.

Sophia Dembling, The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World

Image credit: Malina Sternberg