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I cannot believe another year is coming to a close. I know we often say how we can’t believe how quickly time is moving, but this year seemed particularly fast-paced to me. There have been monumental changes in both my personal life and in the world. Some of us may be relieved this year is finally ending, while others are grateful for what this year has brought to our lives.

I am endlessly optimistic about what a new year has in store for me, and as an INFJ, I think it’s important to have something new to look forward to. Honestly, there have been some really tough moments in my life this year, but I am choosing to focus on what has been good and inspiring.

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With this spirit in mind, I thought I would compile a list of New Year’s resolutions for INFJs. Would I even be an INFJ if I didn’t plan ahead? Here are five things INFJs should do in the new year.

1. Give less energy to one-sided relationships.

I have gotten better at letting go of the expectations I keep for myself. However, in 2018, I am going to let go of the weight of the expectations from other people. INFJs are notorious people-pleasers and harmony-keepers, often at the expense of their own happiness. Since we are natural givers, people often assume we have an endless amount of support to give. The truth is we burn out easily, and frankly, it is simply impossible for anyone to constantly give.

I have noticed this pattern throughout different times in my life. In the new year, I am going to protect this aspect of myself more and make sure that the relationships in my life give to me as much as I give to them.

2. Start a new self-development project.

INFJs are always on a quest to improve themselves — and there’s no better time to start a new self-improvement project than in the new year. Personally, I have decided that I am going to eat only a plant-based diet for the entire month of January. I already have a mostly vegetarian diet, but I have been researching vegan recipes for ages. I figure it’s time to try it for real.

Whatever you’ve been mulling over for ages — whether it’s a new diet, a journaling practice, or an exercise plan — now is the time to take the leap. The new year brings the feeling of a new beginning; embrace whatever makes you excited and fall into it full-force.

3. Curate your items.

I have been minimizing my possessions for a while now, and I’ve noticed that I feel so much more calm and relaxed when things are clean and tidy. My mood improves when I am surrounded by things that I find aesthetically pleasing. I like having natural elements in my environment, like plants and a Himalayan salt rock lamp. I keep crystals on my windowsill and will sometimes put fresh flowers in a vase.

The whole idea behind minimizing my items began with the desire for less clutter. Now I want to keep the clutter low and to welcome only items that serve a purpose and make me happy by owning them. This mindset has taught me a lot about wants versus needs, and that I can be content with very little.

If you need more peace in your life, make a commitment to clearing out the clutter. Donate items that you no longer use or that don’t spark happiness to Goodwill or a similar organization. Dedicate a few minutes each day to tidying up your space. You may find that these simple acts put you in the right mindset to make other improvements in your life.

4. Write more letters.

INFJs naturally excel at communicating via writing. We are romantics at heart, and many of us enjoy giving and receiving handwritten notes. This year I intend to write more letters to the people in my life. Private by nature, we INFJs tend to keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves — even when those feelings involve loving and appreciating the people in our lives. We may struggle to show our friends, family, or significant other just how much we care, but writing them a letter can communicate the depth of our love. Plus, because letter writing is somewhat of a lost practice, taking the time to write one will seem extra special.

The writing process can be challenging at times, but it is usually cathartic. Another bonus is you may end up discovering how you feel about something once you begin writing it down. I intend to write more letters to you, my dear readers, in 2018 as well.

5. Focus on positivity.

INFJs carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. We feel absolutely everything around us at all times. It can be too heavy to carry for very long. This year I am going to make more of an effort to retreat when I feel overwhelmed so that I can get my mind right. I have noticed that I feel so happy when I have plenty of time to be alone and relish in my inner worlds. It helps me gain perspective and remain positive about what is happening around and within me. I encourage all of you to do the same. Take care of yourselves, INFJs.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2018. Until next year… 



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