Personal Development for Introverts

Your introversion is a healthy part of who you are. But we all have things we’d like to change about ourselves, even introverts. Browse all of our self-development articles below, or check out some of our most popular posts about dealing with anxiety and how to manage an introvert hangover.

How To Be A Better Communicator


Most people conceptualize introverts as shy, quiet, and reserved. We can be shy, quiet, and reserved, but some of us can also be extremely outgoing given the right time and…

6 things to do on a quiet night in


It’s well known by now that the introverted personality generates energy by being alone. The virtues of solitude have been extolled by many with benefits including freedom, creativity, and psychological well…

Turning small talk into big talk


Kalina Silverman, a freshmen at Northwestern University, approaches strangers on the street and asks them a big question like, what would you do if you found out you would die…