April letter from the editor

Jenn Granneman

Jenn Granneman, creator of Introvert, Dear

I got pretty frustrated a few weeks ago. I was at a blogging workshop and the woman across the table from me asked what I write about. “Introverts,” I replied, smiling. “Oh!” she answered with enthusiasm. She had been working the table with ease since she arrived and was clearly an extrovert. “So you teach people how not to be introverts?”

I cringed. Moments like these remind me that “introvert” is still a dirty word to some people. But it also reminded me of why I started Introvert, Dear–to help people understand what introversion really is. Apparently there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Before I could answer, another woman seated near us piped up. “I’m an introvert!” she proudly declared. “And I don’t want to be anything else!”

Amen to that. I’d like to carry that woman’s confidence with me everywhere I go.

Anyway, I have some exciting news–our Facebook group recently reached 10,000 members! It’s a great group of introverts from all over the world. I especially want to thank our admins, who volunteer their time to manage the group: Irene Krasinski, Sarah Campbell, Matt Parrish, Kashaf Zubair, and Mike Wittmann. Our group wouldn’t be what it is without their help.

Our Patreon campaign is still going strong. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed last month. You can see their names here. We quickly reached our first two goals–running Facebook ads and occasionally purchasing photos–and now we’re working on the next goal. It’s a big one: I’d like to hire someone to manage our social media part-time, so I can focus on writing and publishing posts from more contributors. Our social media coordinator would post memes, share articles, and respond to reader’s comments. I already have someone in mind for the job–she’s someone who has worked closely with me on Introvert, Dear from nearly the beginning. Now we just need the funding!

As I write this, I’m pretty worn out. It’s been a busy week of work, work, work, and people, people, people (in addition to managing this site, I teach full-time). This isn’t the kind of tiredness that a nap can cure–I’m in desperate need of some solitude. I’m finding myself zoning out, as if my body is trying to force some “inward” time. Good thing I’ve got a low-key weekend planned.

What are you doing this weekend? How do you recharge after a busy work week?

Quietly yours,



  • Thanks for the post, and for site in general. It’s definitely helped me to maintain my sanity more than once.
    As the only introvert (INFJ) in a family of extroverts, it’s taken years (YEARS!) to get them to understand that introverted does not mean shy or socially awkward, or that when I’m comfortably social with a group for a few hours, it doesn’t mean I’m acting contrary to my nature. They’ve finally come to at least respect my need for downtime, even if they don’t quite understand it.
    Now, my self-appointed challenge is to speak out whenever someone gives a negative connotation to the term “introvert.” I usually use the “how your battery get charged” metaphor, but I’ve heard of others.
    Have you found any metaphors or other explanations to be particularly successful in helping our extroverted friends *get* it?

    • Jenn Granneman says:

      Lauren, thanks for your kind words about the site. 🙂 That’s great that you’re taking on the challenge of speaking up for introverts! I do like that battery metaphor you mentioned, but perhaps another way to explain your need for alone time is to give a short scientific explanation. Introverts are more sensitive to outside stimulation—like socializing—because of the way their brains are wired. We need alone time to bring us back to our preferred level of stimulation. I hope that helps! 🙂

  • Priscilla says:

    Yay, Jenn! I’m so happy to hear that 😀 For me, I’m catching up on my reading and writing. Like you, I’m all about spending a low-key weekend. Have a great one, everybody! 🙂

    • Jenn Granneman says:

      Thanks Priscilla! Reading and writing sounds awesome. I’ll be doing a lot of that myself. 🙂 Hope it’s a relaxing weekend for you.

  • Tricia says:

    Luckily, I work with two other introverts, so when asked about my weekend plans and I said, “Can’t wait! I don’t think I’ll have to go anywhere beyond my backyard!”, they sighed with envy.

    • Jenn Granneman says:

      That’s awesome! I’m a little envious myself. 😉 Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  • I love your mission and appreciate your work. That’s all.

    Wishing you time to nap! :p

    • Jenn Granneman says:

      Thank you for your kind words! No nap yet, but I got to sleep in pretty late today, so at least there’s that. 🙂

  • amy says:

    Only recently discovered this site, but I really appreciate and love the articles on here!
    Your experience reminds me of a few years ago when I was putting together a profile for dating and I had written “introvert” in the description of myself. I had shown it to a friend and she insisted I take it out because men would think that meant I wasn’t friendly. So I changed it to “friendly introvert” instead, but later (when I wasn’t getting responses I wanted) I took it out completely and noticed a definite change in amount of responses. It’s sad that people read “introvert” and get turned off, especially since introverts are actually pretty lovely on dates (when we’re motivated to go on them;) since we are so great at one-on-one conversations.

  • Exploring Paris. Keeping to a schedule. Practicing my French with a select few. Making observations. Having complete sensory overload.

  • Samantha Stauf says:

    I’m glad things are going well enough to hire someone part-time. Congrats Jenn. Can’t wait to see how the site continues to develop in the next year. I’m always impressed by the calibre of the writing on this site. Even the non-science ones all seem to be in-depth and sophisticated. 🙂