7 Things Introverts Can Do to Find Peace in an Extroverted World

An introvert takes a walk in nature

The world is often loud, stressful, and chaotic. Introverts can find peace by turning inwards.

Hey, my beautiful introverts. Life is full of ups and downs. It has its own set of chaos and peace

As an introvert, sometimes it’s difficult to find inner peace amidst the external noise. The challenge to fit in with everyone, and to be social, often curbs the inner voice that we have as quiet individuals. However, it is very important that we hold onto that inner voice that guides us, as it also offers us immense peace when the external world becomes loud and chaotic. 

Here are some things that help me when I need less stress and more solace in my life.

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7 Things That Can Bring You Peace in an Extroverted World

1. Schedule some alone time — that no one can interrupt. 

I try to take some time in the morning, or in the evening right after work, to just sit and reflect. It’s time for me and me alone — no one can interrupt it.

I try not to think and simply “do nothing.” I start by taking some deep breaths, which clear my mind and help me reflect on the day. I thank God and the Universe for the day and think about what I learned or what I could have done differently. Then I let it go (which is not easy, I know!).

2. Write in your journal to clear your anxious thoughts.

Whenever I find myself thinking too much, which often leads to nowhere, I grab my notebook, a pen, and a cup of coffee — and start writing. I don’t have a plan; I just write whatever comes to my mind. 

Many studies have revealed that journaling is one of the best forms of therapy. It’s a great coping mechanism that helps clear your mind and also helps you get rid of any negative thoughts. The more I write, the more I feel the weight of my thoughts lifted.

Sometimes, I write poems; other times, rants; and other times, I draw mandalas, which are basically concentric circles that require a great deal of concentration and mindfulness

When I journal, I feel like I’m talking to myself, or sometimes just talking to my notebook, both of which give me a sense of someone being there to listen. It’s as though an invisible soul is there, and they’re offering me solutions to my problems.

Even when I don’t uncover a solution to whatever problem I’m facing at the moment, I still feel positive energy and a blank space to think through a solution. 

3. Don’t keep everything to yourself. Talk to your closest friends, those who “get” you. 

Being an introvert, I do not have a big circle of friends. Instead, I have a limited set of friends, but they’re my closest ones; they “get” me and know everything about my life. 

Whenever I feel like my mind is spinning out of control, I talk to certain friends and family members. They not only provide a listening ear, but also often offer the best advice.

As introverts, we tend to keep a lot of things to ourselves. But when we entrust others with what’s on our minds, they may point out things that we weren’t able to see for ourselves. 

4. Exercise.

Doing some physical activity, like dancing or playing a sport, helps me clear my mind. It gets me to focus on the present moment; I no longer stress about the problem that I was thinking (and overthinking) about.

Afterwards, I can think about the issue more clearly and have more positive and constructive thoughts. Plus, research shows that physical activity is good for us — it helps reduce stress and up our moods!

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5. Pray — or do whatever your version of “prayer” is, like taking a walk.

Oftentimes, when I’m confused and don’t know the way out, I pray. I wake up early in the morning, and before doing anything (even before my morning cup of coffee), I close my eyes and pray. I thank God for the day that is ahead of me, as well as for the clarity and strength to be the best and happiest version of myself throughout the day. 

If you are not into the concept of God, prayer can be whatever you’d like it to be, like spending time in silence, taking a walk in nature, and so on. The intent is to think about an entity larger than yourself, whether that’s God or the Earth, and go from there.

6. Meditate or practice yoga, things that will help ground you.

When my mind is going haywire, I close my eyes and take deep breaths. Deep breathing really helps to clear the mind, and whatever you are thinking about suddenly dissipates, which makes you feel at peace. 

When I meditate, I sit down, take some deep breaths, and simply focus on the center of my forehead, which is called the Third Eye Chakra. Just by focusing on it, I detach myself from all my negative thoughts (or any thought that is disturbing my peace). I then feel calm, because I am no longer thinking about any one thing — my mind is blank. It’s like a blank slate, where I can write new and positive experiences, and it’s highly effective.

7. Become a pet or plant parent, both of which can enhance your mood.

Okay, I love dogs. I have a cute Labrador, and whenever I am stressed out, I pet my dog and spend some quality time with him. Though he doesn’t do anything, per se, the simple act of sitting beside him makes me feel relaxed. It’s like some magical, calming power emanates from him.

Pets act as stress busters, and some research suggests that petting animals is good for us — for one, it increases oxytocin, which is the happiness hormone. 

You may prefer to be a plant parent instead. Plants give us oxygen, so some believe that they have healing powers, too. 

Pets and plants are great listeners, because you can talk to them about anything and everything, knowing they will not judge you.  

It might sound crazy, but sometimes when I find myself talking to my dog, the way he looks at me gives me a sense that he understands what I am saying and really empathizes with me. 

These are some of the practices that I do in my day-to-day life to feel more at peace, especially as an introvert living in an extroverted world. My only hope is you will find the same solace.

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