6 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

The first time I realized I liked spending time alone was when I would sit quietly by myself in kindergarten painting pictures and playing with stuffed animals. The other children would run around laughing and chattering. It’s not that I didn’t like my classmates, it’s that I felt more energy inside of me when I played on the instruments, colored, or played with the toys.

Introverts are known for needing solitude to re-energize themselves after socializing or interacting with people. For many of us, there is a colorful and imaginative world inside us that is not often revealed to others because we hide it within the layers of our personality. It is only when spending time alone that we can really explore the feelings, creative ideas, and thoughts we have.

There is the misconception that spending time alone means staying confined to a dimly lit room, deep in thought. Although that could be the case, many introverts like to create during their time alone, do simple daily tasks, take a walk outside, or read or relax in other ways. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you hide away in your bedroom.

Here are 6 benefits of spending time alone:

1. You have higher productivity levels.

Being alone means a lack of distractions. When working in a noisy office or classroom, it’s easy for introverts to lose their train of thought. Productivity means our creative juices are pumping. When we cross items off our to-do lists, we feel a rush of accomplishment.

2. Creativity comes naturally in your own space.

With silence comes the space to think and flourish within your thoughts. Ideas come more naturally and words seem to flow better. Creativity in our own space allows us to create without any influence from others. It allows us to express our own voice. Alone time can help us rediscover ourselves, which can help jump-start our creativity.

3. You recharge and reconnect with yourself.

After socializing, going to the supermarket on a busy day, or walking among a crowd during rush hour, I find spending time alone has the benefit of recharging my body and mind. Among the crowd, the introvert’s mind may not be able to think as clearly. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Connecting with yourself and knowing yourself can be found in alone time. It gives us space to reflect.

4. You clear your mind.

If I am constantly talking to people, I overthink or become too observant. This can trigger feelings of worry. Spending time alone means I can focus on my own hobbies, such as reading, writing, cooking, exercising, or drawing, with a clear mind.

5. You’re in control of your environment.

One thing I found frustrating about working in an office was I felt I had no control over my environment. I couldn’t do anything about the noise level, the lighting, and even certain smells. However, when you spend time alone, —for example, by walking in a park—you are inviting yourself into that environment. Similarly, when you are at home, you are able to control the environment around you. If music is too loud or lights are too bright, you can turn them down.

6. You find peace.

Introverts tend to think before they speak. This means we often need time to pause and reflect before answering. This may be some of the time or all of the time, depending on the person. Introverts are also known to be great listeners, however, sometimes listening can be exhausting if we are drinking in all the words that someone pours, without having time to process them. Quiet time enables our mind to spark into its energetic, active, and creative state.

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