17 excuses for introverts who don’t want to go out on St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t want to go out on St. Patrick’s Day to a crowded, noisy bar? Or don’t want to go out any day for that matter? These “excuses” — some of them absurd, some of them completely legitimate — make it incredibly obvious that as an introvert, you’d rather stay home.

1. You have a family emergency.


 2. You think you feel a headache coming on.


3. You’ve already been social enough today.



4. Why would you hang out with friends two days in a row?


From The Thing About Introverts


5. Here’s a completely legitimate reason for you to stay home that is not the plot of a popular movie at all.


6. OK, this one is actually legit: you have to work the next morning.


7. Why go out when you could sleep?


8. You don’t have anything green to wear.


9. Tell us how you really feel.


 10. Your cat would never forgive you if you canceled.


 11. Because you’re a very busy person.


 12. You could print a stack of these.



 13. If only you could be as brutally honest as Sheldon.


 14. Why can’t you just say how you really feel?


 15. Because really, this is what you’re going to do.


16. You’re the master of slipping out of social events early.


 17. So what’s an introvert to do?


 Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to. Susan Cain, Quiet

Featured image credit: Flickr (Mark — O’Reilly’s Block Party, San Francisco)

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