13 holiday presents for introverts

Are you an introvert, or do you have an introvert on your holiday shopping list? These gifts would make any introvert smile.

  1. This pillow has the right idea about what to do on weekends.

  2. You other book-lovers can’t deny that this is a great bag.

  3. A mug for when your coworkers are not getting your subtle hints.

  4. Or this mug for when it’s too early to talk to anyone.

  5. Use this Introvert Party calendar to keep track of your social engagements. Or not.

  6. Because actually hanging out with a large group of people sounds like a terrible idea.

  7. Just you and your book.

  8. This hat, for when you just can’t take any more social interaction.

  9. These pajamas, because naps > parties.

  10. Every day.

  11. This keychain, for when you need to recharge but don’t want to be completely alone.

  12. Be warned.

  13. Finally, this necklace, to show someone that the relationship is getting pretty serious.

Image credit: Deviant Art