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Music has been my friend for a very long time. My closest companion throughout my puberty years was my CD player. I listen to a wide variety of genres and artists and, for some reason, that always surprises people. I guess because many people tend to only stick with one or two genres while they ignore or rebuff the others. I do have my favorites, but my mind is never closed off to the possibility of discovering something new.

Because of this, I have come across many songs that perfectly suit and describe me as an introvert and a highly sensitive person (HSP). Here are ten songs that I think every introvert — especially highly sensitive introverts — should have on their playlist.

1. I Am The Fire by Halestorm

I am starting things off with a bang here. This is a hard rock song with anthemic lyrics about relying only on yourself and realizing your own potential, and the grinding and heavy music gives it a tough, unashamed feel. On so many occasions, I have had people imply, or outright say, that I am not quite complete by myself. I have even had a person say that I may not be a “real person” because I don’t socialize frequently. Luckily, this song puts all of those silly comments to rest. If you feel a little embarrassed by your introversion, give this song a listen. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling like the coolest introvert who ever lived.

2. Alice by Avril Lavigne

This song was written as the new theme for the live-action version of Alice In Wonderland that was released in 2010. While this one is less rough and more melancholy and flowing than the previous song, it has the same message. The lyrics detail the twists and turns Alice encounters and how she intends to press on — using nothing more than her own strength, courage, and smarts. While we may not face the same problems as Alice (considering we won’t fall into Wonderland and meet all manner of creatures), we can still draw inspiration from her confidence and surety that she needs no one to rescue her.

3. Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton

Think of this as a real world version of the Alice song. While there are no specific mentions of introversion, Vanessa does sing about the things that make her life a “fairytale” in her own eyes, which include visiting her favorite café every day and avoiding the spotlight. It’s a piano-heavy pop song that will have introverts nodding along and saying, “Me too!”

4. Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale

If you’re like me, then you sometimes (or all the time) feel like the world is making you be something you’re not. We introverts may feel pressured to pretend to be social, pretend to want to go out, and even pretend to be lonely when we’re not. If someone asks us to go out, it is not socially acceptable to say, “No, thanks, I’d rather be alone.” We must say we are sick, busy, etc. If you get tired of this constant spiral of expectation and fakery, this song is for you. It is a plea to be released from the obligatory rotations and allowed to fly free. While it does not provide a solution to the madness, it does provide the comfort that someone else feels the same way you do.

5. Demons by Imagine Dragons

This is an introvert anthem for when you need a song to wallow with. Another assumption that tends to be made about introverts is that we don’t ever think or feel anything because, well, we don’t blab about our thoughts all the time. Trust us when we say that the thoughts and feelings are there, and they are very, very deep. Let this song and its melancholy lyrics serve as a reminder that not everything has to be seen to be real. Some demons live on the inside and only make their presence known to their host.

6. Human by Christina Perri

This is a less foreboding version of the previous song. Its lyrics are simply a reminder that we are all humans, and we will reach our breaking point if pushed too far. It may seem a bit silly to remind us of such an obvious thing, but the lyrics are heart-wrenching. When you say an introvert isn’t worthy of being called a person because of our unwillingness to socialize, it leaves a mark.

7. Fix You by Coldplay

Despite all our clamoring for quiet and alone time, most introverts would love nothing more than to save the world. As deeply caring and often sensitive people, we would do anything in our power, if it were possible, to banish all violence, starvation, wars, disease, etc. Anything that causes pain or suffering would be gone and never return. This emotional, soft rock song from Coldplay details a person who will do whatever it takes to make things okay again when the pain gets to be too much. If you’re an HSP like me, this song will highlight your feelings.

8. How To Save a Life by The Fray

In conjunction with the previous song is this mid-tempo number by The Fray. Like Fix You, these lyrics detail someone who cares very deeply and desires to make things better. In this song, however, the narrator is looking back on what has happened, realizing what he could have done differently. It is a message to himself, almost like an oath to not make the same mistake twice. If you’re an HSP who feels like you could have done more, this song will show you that we’ve all been there at some point.

9. Here by Alessia Cara

Just in case you were having trouble finding your introvert party anthem, look no further. Have you ever heard a cool, catchy tempo song with lyrics about how someone just wants to be anywhere but at the party — and would like to be left alone in a corner? No, I’m not joking. Go to the party, put on your headphones, blast this song, hide in the corner, and don’t feel guilty for a moment. Like Alessia sings: You go do your thing, and I’ll be over here.

10. Fireflies by Owl City

The final song on my list is a happy little tune about living in your head, letting your imagination run wild, and not really caring about much else. It basically describes an introvert’s perfect day. I mean, it’s a song about hanging out with fireflies (not people) — you don’t get much more “innie” than that.

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