16 Quotes That Explain the Beautifully Quirky INFP Personality Type

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I wrote The INFP Book because I wanted to connect with other INFPs who also feel lost in this world. INFPs are described as being reserved, imaginative, passionate, creative, and quirky. These are some of the many qualities that make us unique — but they can also make us feel estranged from society, which often demands that we be far more extroverted, conventional, and pragmatic than we naturally are. The book includes my research into my personality type, as well as my personal reflections, anecdotes, and lessons that I’ve learned. Here are 16 quotes from my book and Facebook page, which help explain the mystical, deep, and often contradictory INFP personality type:





3. “INFPs are compelled by an intense feeling to seek this inner expression and truth that’s invisible on the surface and independent of our external realities. What’s most important for INFPs is to feel personally connected to and in tune to whatever decisions they end up making.”






6. “I believe that one of the perks of being an INFP is that we are highly emotionally intelligent and empathetic. We can put ourselves in other people’s shoes and experience the world from their perspective, which in turn gives us a deeper insight into ourselves and our relations with the world.”




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10. “INFPs often feel pressured to provide an absolute answer to ‘What do you want to do with your life?’ These kinds of thoughts and questions only build our anxiety and are counterproductive for us. For many of us, we prefer to live in the moment and pick up new information and inspiration as they come.”


11. “INFPs are considered empaths. We often wear our heart on our sleeves and become very altruistic, caring for another person deeply at the expense of our well-being.”


12. “INFPs, in general, are very spiritual and have profound compassion and an appreciation for nature, beauty, and all of those things that make life worth living.”









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