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Please note: We’re taking some time away from work to focus on our family and on writing our upcoming book about highly sensitive people. So, we’re not currently doing sponsored posts or author promotions. If you’re an author or other professional looking to discuss or promote your work, we encourage you to submit an article to the blog — please follow these guidelines.

What We Do

  • Sponsored social media posts (book giveaways, book announcements, product promotions, etc.)
  • Sponsored articles

Why Work With Us?

Introvert, Dear is not only an award-winning blog — it’s also the largest publication and community for introverts in the world! It gets 1.5-2 million views a month and has nearly a million followers on social media. For three years in a row, Feedspot has named us the number one publication for introverts on the entire web.


Want to advertise on our site? Although we don’t do banner ads, we do sponsored content for authors, brands, apps, services, or other organizations that are the right fit:

  • Articles about your upcoming book, product, or service — $700 if written by you (with our editorial oversight) OR $1,000 if written by us
  • Social media posts about your book/product/service, including a promo in our weekly newsletter — $500
  • Book giveaways for authors — $500

Here’s an example of a sponsored article written by one of our partners, with our editorial direction:

Finally, a Dating App That Matches You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

In less than two weeks, that article had almost 19,000 views!

Here’s an example of a sponsored article written by us:

This New App Makes It Easier for Introverts to Date and Make Friends

Social Media Posts

We’ve found that brands have the most success when they pair an article with social media posts. We can work with your copy and image, or write copy/create an image ourselves. Sponsored social media posts go on ALL our accounts:

Here’s an example of a sponsored social media post we did for an author. Our audiences LOVES quizzes!

Affiliate Partnership

We’ve also had a lot of success working with brands, companies, solopreneurs, and coaches on an affiliate level. Affiliate partners we’ve worked with include:

Here’s an example of a post we did with an affiliate partner:

Will I Be Single Forever? 6 Introvert Dating Struggles

Would We Be a Good Fit for Each Other?

We’ve found that brands or companies that have an obvious connection to introversion or personality type — such as a dating app for introverts, a personality assessment, or online courses, retreats, or coaching — have the most success in partnering with us. And, to be honest, we’re not looking to work with just anyone. We only want to bring our audience products and brands that we think will really make a difference for them.

Our Mission

To let introverts everywhere know it’s okay to be who they are. You’re not broken because you’re quiet. There’s nothing wrong with you because you like spending time alone.

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