Our Facebook group is a positive, safe place for introverts and highly sensitive people. Here are some guidelines to consider as you participate:

Here are some guidelines to consider as you participate:


• Do ask questions about introversion and how to get the most out of being an introvert.

• Do act in a responsible and courteous manner.

• Do answer with thoughtful and friendly contributions.

• Do make your posts in English and refrain from Live Video unless the topic of that video has been prior approved by an Administrator or Jenn Granneman.

• Do share your best practices, ideas, and knowledge with other members.

• Do use “search” to see if answers to your questions are archived.

• Do provide constructive feedback, so we can improve this community.

• Do get to know your fellow members. You can find a list of members and their interests here.


• Don’t post off-topic and “low effort” content. Examples include “what is ur age”, “where r u from”, and “today’s my birthday”.

• Don’t discuss religion, a lack of religion or politics no matter whether you view any of these things in a positive or negative light. While introverts may have interest in these topics, these topics often lead to arguments and negativity – and rarely change minds.

• Don’t use this forum to promote your services, products, website, or Facebook page or group.

• Don’t block an admin or moderator. This prevents us from doing our job.

• Don’t solicit for donations for any cause.

• Don’t make “rate how I look” or “selfie” posts.

• Don’t engage in trolling, be rude to other members or indulge in negativity. This includes posts you might make in retaliation for being attacked. Two wrongs do not make a right.

• When you re-post an on-topic meme, image, link, or quote you’ve found elsewhere we ENCOURAGE you to add some thoughts of your own. We’d like to know what our members think – not just see what some stranger created.

• We reserve the right to moderate posts and comments at our discretion and without notice. We also reserve the right to block any disruptive and/or rule-breaking member from the forum without notice. Be aware that making a post to complain that we deleted your post is not a good move on your part.


Brad Perucki (Community Leader)
Carl Trütwein
Felicia Marie
Janelle T Easley
Kash Zee


Psychologist Melissa Frank, Psy.D.


Camille Kay Gonzal
Eraldo Liebert
Ghada Laroussi
Jane Charlotte Namoca Rojas
Kathy L. Vélez
Kenneth K Lubuga
Kristyn England
Lora Dgien
Linda Runte
Laurie Lyden Simone
Frances Sullivan
Manas Choudhary
Ryn Tate


Jenn Granneman, author of The Secret Lives of Introverts and creator of IntrovertDear.com.

Some people define introverts differently. This is our definition of an introvert.