Introvert, Dear Facebook Group Guidelines

Our Facebook group is a positive, safe place for introverts and highly sensitive people. Here are some guidelines to consider as you participate:

Introvert, Dear Do’s

• Do ask questions about introversion and how to get the most out of being an introvert.

• Do act in a responsible and courteous manner.

• Do answer with thoughtful and friendly contributions.

• Do make your posts in English and refrain from Live Video unless the topic of that video has been prior approved by an Administrator or Jenn Granneman.

• Do share your best practices, ideas, and knowledge with other members.

• Do use “search” to see if answers to your questions are archived.

• Do provide constructive feedback, so we can improve this community.

Introvert, Dear Don’ts

• Don’t post off-topic and “low effort” content. Examples include “what is ur age”, “where r u from”, and “today’s my birthday”.

• Don’t discuss religion, a lack of religion or politics no matter whether you view any of these things in a positive or negative light. While introverts may have interest in these topics, these topics often lead to arguments and negativity – and rarely change minds.

• Don’t use this forum to promote your services, products, website, or Facebook page or group.

• Don’t block an admin or moderator. This prevents us from doing our job.

• Don’t solicit for donations for any cause.

• Don’t make “rate how I look” or “selfie” posts. If a member wants to know how you look, they can access your Wall.

• Don’t engage in trolling, be rude to other members or indulge in negativity. This includes posts you might make in retaliation for being attacked. Two wrongs do not make a right.

• When you re-post an on-topic meme, image, link, or quote you’ve found elsewhere we encourage you to add some thoughts of your own. We’d like to know what our members think – not just see what some stranger created.

We’re learning as we go and grow. Every day this forum accepts new members it gets a little different, and every member has slightly different needs. Meanwhile, please be patient and work with us to deliver a better experience.

• We reserve the right to block any disruptive and/or rule-breaking member from the forum without notice.

• We reserve the right to moderate posts and comments at our discretion and without notice. Be aware that making a post to complain that we deleted your post is not a good move on your part.


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