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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can read my posts?

Like most online forums, the I, D forum is public, so anyone can read your posts. We recommend not using your real name (or full name) when you create your account to protect your privacy. Also, be smart about what personal details you share and with whom!

2. How do I get notifications about new posts?

To watch a single post, click the icon that looks like an eye, which is at the top of the post, on the right side (you must first click on the title of the post to expand it). If you wrote the post, there’s no need to hit the “watch” button — you will automatically receive notifications about new replies!

If you’d like to be notified whenever there is a new post on the forum, click the arrow by your name/picture in the top right corner of the forum. Click “watch for all new posts.”

3. How do I stop getting notifications?

“Unwatch” a single post by clicking the eye icon. In your profile, click “disable all email notifications” or unclick “watch for all new posts.”

4. Are extroverts allowed on the forum?

Sure, if they want! We don’t ban extroverts from reading posts and commenting. We might learn something from each other.

5. People keep using these four-letter acronyms, like INFJ or INTP, and I don’t know what they mean. Help!

Those four letters represent personality types in the Myers-Briggs personality system. We’re pretty fond of them around here. Although four letters can’t tell you everything about yourself, they can be a great jumping off point for personal growth. If you don’t know your personality type, we recommend this free, quick test from our partner Personality Hacker.

6. I’m a business owner and I want to post a link to my business’ website to advertise. Can I do that?

Nope, sorry! We don’t allow that kind of advertising. If you’d like to learn more about advertising opportunities on, email

7. Someone on the forum made a comment that’s bothering me.

Yuck, we’re sorry. There are a few things you can do:

  • Just ignore the comment and keep scrolling. Maybe they’re having a bad day.
  • Politely tell them you don’t appreciate their comment.
  • If the comment is exceptionally rude or offensive, send a private message to Jenn Granneman, Matt Parrish, or one of our other moderators. Know that all our moderators are volunteers who lead busy human lives and are not online 24/7, so please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

8. I want to become an I, D forum moderator. What should I do?

Do you have exceptional people skills? Do you communicate well in writing? Are you on the forum often? Then being a moderator might be the role for you. Email Jenn at and tell her three reasons you think you’d be a good moderator. Jenn will contact you if we are in need of moderators and she thinks you’re a good fit.

9. Ew, why are there ads on this site?

Trust us, we don’t love them either. But the advertisements help offset the cost of creating and hosting this site (it’s far from free!). It keeps the articles and forum free for you. Plus, people gotta eat, so having ads on the site is one small way to compensate Jenn and the other writers for their time. In reality, Jenn is a bit of a workaholic who cares deeply about the introvert cause, so she puts in waaaay more time than she is reasonably compensated for. If she were to divide the amount of money she makes from ads by the number of hours she spends working on the site, she would probably cry (which is why she’s not doing the math).

If you have other questions, send a private message to a moderator. Thanks for being a part of our great community!

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