Your introvert tribe

Our mission

It can be lonely being an introvert. You live mostly inside your head. Also, you wonder if you’re weird, or if there are other people out there like you. We understand that, because we’re introverts and highly sensitive people, too, and we’ve been there. For us, learning about our introversion literally changed our lives and helped us become better people. That’s why we created this blog and community — so you can be alone if you want to, but you don’t have to feel alone. We help introverts and highly sensitive people understand themselves better and connect with others like them.

Community guidelines

1. Assume the best of everyone.

2. Disagreement is okay, but disrespect is not okay.

3. No spam or advertising of your products, website, blog, or services.

4. Inappropriate or insensitive comments/posts will be deleted without warning.

Things to keep in mind

Our community forum is a safe place for members to connect with each other, ask questions, and discuss things related to introversion and high sensitivity. Topics discussed here may be personal and sensitive in nature, so respect is required.

The forum is public (so anyone can see what you post), so for privacy reasons, you may not want to use your full name (or real name) when creating your account. Always be smart about how and with whom you share personal details.

Any advice you receive from other forum members should not be considered a substitute for professional counseling or expert medical or mental health advice.

If you have any concerns, send a private message to one of our moderators. Thanks for being a part of our community!

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